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Pouch Pop: Anti - Paralyze technique

Discussion in 'Player VS Player' started by eatriceiamnice, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. eatriceiamnice

    eatriceiamnice Well-Known Member

    Apr 11, 2013
    So, I figured out the Razor issue for popping pouches.

    Why do you want magic trap pouches?

    Outside the town of Minoc, you will be faced with many dangers. And one of the dangers is the hard-core middle-aged player that loves to PARALYZE SPAM.

    Just imagine not being able to run away or recall from that annoying gamer, who's sole purpose is to inflict distress on your hard earned pixels.

    Here is the Secret!!!

    Setup Razor for Magic Trap pouches. Please have the Magic Trap Spell. Reagents for the Magic Trap spell. Regular pouches.

    Prepare: Magic Trap a pouch. Place pouch in your backpack.

    Orders of Operations:
    1. Open Razor. If you have trouble finding Razor. Don't give up!! If you know how to dial a phone, training is 2/3 done. Keep on finding Razor.
    2. Find the MACRO TAB.
    3. Record a MACRO. I named mine "Pouch" . Left click; record.
    4. Type [pouch
    5. Stop recording. Left click; Stop recording.
    6. In RAZOR find the Hotkey TAB. Don't give up.... it took me several minutes to find this. Left- click.
    7. Find + MACROS
    8. Open macros.... Find the newly named macro and assign a "HOTKEY" to that macro. What does this mean? You made a macro. Now, you want to assign a keyboard key to that macro.
    9. Key: left click the box. Choose your HOTKEY. You can also make it CTRL + (Hotkey)
    10. Set Hotkey

    Recently, I had an issue with my Pouch macro. I recorded a macro double-clicking a trapped pouch. After, one explosion a regular empty pouch would open after I hit my "pouch" hotkey.

    Solution: Use the [pouch method.

    May all your dreams come true.

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