Power Scroll - Comprehensive Price Guide

Tard the Paladin

Price List:

105 Power Scrolls:
taming/lore/provo: 50-60k
everything else: 40-50k

110 Power Scrolls:
taming/lore/provo: 100k
everything else: 60-75k

115 Power Scrolls:
taming/lore/provo: 225-250k
tailor: 200k
everything else 100k

120 Power Scrolls:

Taming - 8 mil
Lore - 1.5 - 2 mil
Provo - 800k - 1mil
Scribe 800k - 1mil
Blacksmith/Carp/Fish/Lumberjack/Mining/Tinkering - 500k
Peacemaking - 350k
Tailoring - 125 - 150k

Cool, Thanks to @Josh D for most of the prices.


115 tailor is harder to get. There are many different bod combinations that can get 120 and very few that give 115.

Tailoring is also a relatively easy skill to use for the extra +20 skill cap. Cheap and fast to gm with not too expensive skill scrolls.

120 taming fluctuates a lot depending on availability and how many buyers at the time.
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