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Publish 6a - Tweaks and Changes

Discussion in 'Patch Notes Archive' started by Staff, Aug 20, 2015.

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  1. Staff

    Staff Young Player Help

    Feb 11, 2013
    • Replaced regions: The Docks, Guard Tower, The Asylum, Britain No Cut Zone and the Orc Cave region.
    • Created Orc Valley region. This is a no mount and no cut region. It extends from the Orc Cave to the Yew Orc Fort. The beginnings of the region are marked with red gruesome standards.
    • Created Mist-shrouded Island region for the raffle island.
    • Created Britain Safe Trading Zone.
    • You can no longer steal in the new safe zones (Docks, Britain Bank Trading Zone and The Hall of Heroes (the guard tower))
    • Fixed an issue where you couldn't attack i nthe duel pits of the duel was a rematch.
    • Trinsic has been given a decoration overhaul by the Trinsic guild.
    • Added several new properties to hard coded regions: No mounting, always gray, no fast travel, safe zones, no body chopping and slow pets.
    • You will no longer be dismounted right away in no mount zones. There is a 3 second timer where you can move out of the zone to prevent being dismounted.
    • Added in swamp dragons. These are tameable with 93+ animal taming but can be controlled by all players regardless of their taming skill.
    • Added in swamp dragon barding. It is crafted through the Blacksmithing menu. When crafted, it can be applied to a swamp dragon to give it armor. This will change its appearance and give you a damage reduction bonus against NPCs while riding it.
    • The dragon barding damage reduction scales from 10% with iron used as the crafting resource to 18% with valorite used as the crafting resource. Exceptional armor gains a further 2% bonus.
    • Rikktor, Neira, Mephitis and Barracoon now drop new art mosnter statuettes.
    • Added rare MotM cloth to dragons.
    • The MotM cloth for the month of August is: dragon bile cloth. It will drop from dragons.
    • Level 7 meta dragons will now continue to gain points. Every 2 million experience their skills will be reset to their maximum values and the counter will reset to zero. After each rollover the owner will gain somewhat better control over the beast.
    • Added several new statues to the game:[​IMG]
    • Added MotM cloth to the game. The current cloth is called dragon bile and is hue 2556.
    • MotM cloth will have its name attached to it (ex a pile of dragon bile cloth). When it is crafted into an item, the will be flavour text underneath it that states the type of cloth it was made from.
    • [​IMG] Here is an example of the cloth.
    • Added swamp dragon barding to the blacksmithing menu.
    • Added Heart of the Island item. This allows the raffle winner to place as many houses on the island as he/she wishes to.
    • Recoded murder board and valor board. They will now rank people by unique kills. Killing a red you have not killed before will award one valor point. Killing a blue you have not killed before will award one murder point.
    • Fixed issue with non-player corpses being unchoppable in certain regions.
    • Fixed an issue where stacked potions could not be restacked on death.
    • Added item that will tell you how many active RDAs there currently are and how much longer they have until they collapse.
    • Murderers can now steal from other murderers and blues that have attacked them without being in the thieves guild/kicked out of the thieves guild.
    • Removed skill gain from new safe zones.
    • Increased faction leave timer to 2 days.
    • Faction tracking will no longer detect players in safe zones.
    • Fixed issue with sigil of treasure not dropping extra goodies.
    • Added power scrolls as currency for raffles.
    Magic Damage
    • Increased magic arrow damage from 4-6 to 4-10.
    • When an MA is resisted, it will now deal 60% of the damage instead of 1 damage.
    Meta Talismen
    • Implemented a 10k buyout for talisman cooldowns on the talisman statue by saying "i wish to pay tribute"
    • Fixed issue where install button wouldn't switch to play button.
    Upcoming Changes
    • Team vs Team Death Match battle.
    • New CTF arena.
    • Team King of the Hill battle.
    • FFA Death Match battle.
    • Disallow players from switching teams in events.
    • Scroll Quests
      • Collect objects to complete a scroll. The scroll will then randomly give you a quest. The quests will have very good rewards as the ingredients to complete the scroll will be hard to obtain.
    • Inscription power scrolls.
    • Streamlining new player experience
      • Recreated the UO demo disc quest
      • Wisp that will follow player around and talk to them/start new player quest/give relevant gameplay information.
      • Add NPCs around Britain to explain skills to players and send them on small quests.
      • The new player dungeon is moving to the Ankh dungeon in Ilshenar.
    • Event point seasons/new event point rewards.
    • Battles Tournament.
    • Adding tree hack option to the UOF Launcher.
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