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Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Adam, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Adam

    Adam Administrator Staff Member

    UPDATED 2/6/2015

    Here is our UOF version of Sallos. This version may stop operating or supporting certain features.


    Updates - 30/04/2015
    -Added new anti cheat stuff. Old clients will no longer work.

    Updates - 1/3/2015
    -Updated to a newer version of Sallos. Tons of bug fixes.
    -Pet rename fixed.
    -Dead bonded pet fixed.
    -Targeting issues fixed.
    -Crashing due to newer item IDs fixed.
    -and so on and so forth,
    -I highly recommend you install this version.
    -To install the new version, download the launcher and click the Sallos icon.

    If you are having issues getting it to run, it almost always boils down to two issues.

    1) You have another UO client open. You cannot run multiple UO clients from the same installation if you are trying to use Sallos. Close all your current UO clients and then relaunch sallos.

    2) You are using the UOF UO package or an older version of UO. Sallos requires the UO client that uses the UOP file extensions. Download the latest client from UO.com and this will solve your issues. The UOF installation package is currently being updated to the latest UO installation.

    A special thanks to Alyssa for helping me design the launcher and Link for the injection code!

    Common Issues and How to Fix Them
    1) SharpDXAudio2 Error
    Install the latest DirectX 9 from here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/download/details.aspx?id=8109

    2) Unable to find ***.UOP
    This can occur for two reasons
    • 1) You have a client already open. Sallos cannot run when you have another client open that reads from the same UO installation. Close any other running clients and then relaunch Sallos.
    • 2) You do not have a UO installation that uses the UOP file format, which Sallos requires. Download this here: http://web.cdn.eamythic.com/us/uo/installers/20120309/UOClassicSetup_7_0_24_0.exe and then full update the installation.
    3) Jit Compiler Error
    Download the latest version of the Sallos Launcher. This should be fixed now.

    Fixed party tracking and the recalling functionality.
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  2. NoXXeD

    NoXXeD Well-Known Member

    what are the major advantages to using Sallos?
  3. K A Z

    K A Z Well-Known Member

    runs smoother, targeting is better, better graphics

    would only recommend if you like PVP.

    PS: I <3 u Adam. Best update in yearz.
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  4. halygon

    halygon Moderator Staff Member

    Mostly what @K A Z said. Sallos uses up-to-date DirectX to render UO which allows it to run faster (more frame rates) and have improved graphics. It has it's own set of features (like Razor and UOSteam have their own) that may be preferable to you. It has macro capabilities and the interface is a bit different.
  5. NoXXeD

    NoXXeD Well-Known Member

    I see, I think it sounds like another way of cheating. Why can everyone not play on the same field? I think it is sad when you need advantages in a game to win. I have noticed on this server there are a lot of big egos that don't like to get hurt. I remember playing and people would take a death with grace because they had the honor to fight one vs one or two vs two. Everyone here runs and house hides at first dmg. It kind of ruins the game in my opinion. I don't know what started on this server for people to run away or call in massive ganks.
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  6. halygon

    halygon Moderator Staff Member

    Red Statting and no stamina loss.
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  7. K A Z

    K A Z Well-Known Member

    I don't see how better graphics or smoother movement can be regarded as cheats. Steam is about 4x better if you want to cheat than Sallos/PlayUO.
  8. Adam

    Adam Administrator Staff Member

    There is nothing in Sallos that could be considered cheating. Trust me. I've spent the last month working on it. The issue with it is that people who are smart can decompile it and write their own functions for it. However, you can do this with any C# program. So what people were doing with the old sallos was writing functions that could autocure ect. This functionality (plugins) has been removed from the current version of Sallos.

    I'm sure an enterprising individual could still write cheats for it if they wanted. However, this is difficult and time consuming. You could most likely recreate the same stuff using steam or easyUO and it would take you much less time to do so.
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  9. RDaneel

    RDaneel Well-Known Member

    I'm downloading the lastest client from EA because my old UOF client isnt compatible.

    Will you provide old client support and backward compatibility on your server or are you going to upgrade server side so that only the new sallos client / UOF launcher will be supported ?
  10. RDaneel

    RDaneel Well-Known Member

    Hello I have a problem with the launcher.

    I have 2 UO clients, 1st is UOF client (old ultima online client) and 2nd is the new client from UO.COM.

    The 1st client is registered in the computer registry and installed in D:\Electronic Arts\UO Forever.

    The 2nd client has not been registered, I just extracted the UO.exe from the package downloaded from UO.com and actually it's a self deployable client, it can run without registration in the system.

    I've deployed it in D:\Electronic Arts\UO Official. Note that this client work with my EA account, I'm able to play without problems.

    Now for Sallos,

    I've extracted the launcher files into the 1st client directory, but at launch it doesnt work and says "Cannot find D:\Electronic Arts\UO Forever\xxx_gump.UOP.
    As you said it's because the client is probably too old and doesnt use the UOP format.

    So i've extracted the launcher a second time in the 2nd client location (official from EA) but I have the same error.
    But the error pointing to D:\Electronic Art\UO Forever (=> the old client).
    Even if I run it from the new client location.

    So I started to check if there was any registry entry regarding Sallos or PlayUO, but found nothing. Same in AppData directory.
    Maybe couldnt locate it because I dont have the right name, I have so many entries...

    Because I thought the first time you run the Sallos client it stores your client path somewhere...

    Neither I havent found a conf file. So I guess you may know more about my problem, probably something stupid I've made or forgot to do.

    Thank you. :)
  11. Radar Mile

    Radar Mile Well-Known Member

    Once the launcher is finished will you guys be able to edit the static map?
  12. RDaneel

    RDaneel Well-Known Member

    Oh okay I see now in the PlayUO.log in the Data\Ultima\logs that it detects my 2 clients

    Entered Main()
    Operating System = 'Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0'
    .NET Framework = '4.0.30319.34014'
    Base Directory = 'D:\Electronic Arts\UO Official'
    Data Directory = 'D:\Electronic Arts\UO Forever'

    Now I have to find out how to set both directory to the UO Official.
  13. Vic Rattlehead

    Vic Rattlehead Well-Known Member

    I got this message:

    System.InvalidProgramException: Le compilateur JIT a rencontré une limitation interne.
    à PlayUO.PacketHandlers.Command(PacketReader pvSrc)
    à PlayUO.PacketHandler.Handle(PacketReader pvSrc)
    à PlayUO.NetworkContext.Cycle()
    à PlayUO.Network.Slice()
    à Injection.Seed.MainA()
    à Injection.Seed.Initialize()
  14. Strife

    Strife Well-Known Member

    Question Sallos is a client, but still uses Razor or Steam correct? IF I use Sallos I don't lose razor or steam?
  15. Projectstfu

    Projectstfu Well-Known Member

    Can I get an ETA on when this might happen. I don't need an exact time but a wild guess like next month or next year? Want to try out Sallos, but would rather not uninstall the game and reinstall the updated client just to try.
  16. RDaneel

    RDaneel Well-Known Member

    Ok fixed.
    The only way to fix it was to edit the registry HKLM\Software\Electronic Arts\EA Games\Ultima Online Classic\InstallDir
    and make it point to the new classic client.
    and I will have to revert it back I guess to keep using the old UOF client.
  17. Projectstfu

    Projectstfu Well-Known Member

    Well if you can do that, then you could just write a batch file to switch back and forth.
  18. Heal Bot

    Heal Bot New Member

    Organizer only moves 1 of each pot to a container, explosions work though.

    Also, love the login menu. Very unique and neat.

    Sallos doesn't use razor or steam it goes directly to the client. You wouldn't lose anything on your computer already installed by using Sallos.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 14, 2014
  19. K A Z

    K A Z Well-Known Member

    guys, slow down. simply download UO straight from da UO homepage nd de-install your previous installation.. you'll not even lose anything. You can also use the same directory for Sallos nd Steam/Razor.

    other than that, you should have directx9 installed (or whatever is the latest lel), the latest uo version nd shud run dat launcher as admin.
  20. Adam

    Adam Administrator Staff Member

    You'll have to reinstall anyways if you are using the old client.

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