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Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Adam, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Joey Golden

    Joey Golden Well-Known Member

    yea i thought i did... worked with uof launcher just not sallos..
  2. a'nal

    a'nal Active Member

    patch the uo classic client with the normal uopatcher then use the uoforever patcher, should work now
  3. smile it's me

    smile it's me Well-Known Member

    thats the error I get when trying to run sallos, looks like he search for files in "program Files" folder, but my install is located under "programmi" thats where win 7 install progs by default and cant be changed to program files (translation issue).

    any toughts?
    there's a way to point sallos search for another directory?

    System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Impossibile trovare il file 'C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic\gumpartLegacyMUL.uo‮.‫‎‌‫‎‫‏‪‌‪‪‮‮‎‮‬‏‬‬p
  4. Tac0bell

    Tac0bell Well-Known Member

    And do you have that file in your UO folder under Programmi? (Forza Italia)
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  5. smile it's me

    smile it's me Well-Known Member

    yes :)

    edit:Ive checked and actually no lol, trying to do a fresh installation right now. hope it works Ill post the results :)
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  6. Tac0bell

    Tac0bell Well-Known Member

    are you using the new launcher? your UO folder is properly set here?
    edit: there are the same options available in the "old" launcher

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  7. smile it's me

    smile it's me Well-Known Member

    I've uninstalled, redownloaded the client from EA site, patched it all the way and now everything works =)
  8. Tac0bell

    Tac0bell Well-Known Member

    Good to know!
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    TECHN9NEUOF Well-Known Member

    the new sallos UOF has only uses .UOP for art and gump files.

    your old .mul files will not work, only the converted legacys.

    glad you got everything working, if you need anything else let me know.
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  10. Disho

    Disho New Member

    when i toggle war/peace mode, nothing changes:< i have latest sallos from first post

    PS. I cant move when i have 0 stamina, on razor i can walk
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  11. De10m

    De10m Member

    Hi Guys! I need help.
    Cant find a theme about sallos visualization settings. I'm talking about status bars (stamina mana hp). I need to make them bigger (change the color palette).
    And in game i cant see information bar about my reagent, potions, gold, weight.
    Can someone give me a configuration file with this changes? Or tell me about how i can do it.
    Thx for help!!
  12. a'nal

    a'nal Active Member

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  13. GluttonySDS

    GluttonySDS Well-Known Member

    Any player who uses sallos or is willing to use it is eligible for a discounted EQMS join fee of upto 50% off...
  14. Milos

    Milos New Member

    Hi im new here and having big problem. When i write a password and clic Login this happen: "Play UO has encoutered an error must be closed"

    System.TypeInitializationException: Inicializační metoda typu PlayUO.Profiles.Config vyvolala výjimku. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Odkaz na objekt není nastaven na instanci objektu.
    v Sallos.XmlPersistanceReader.GetChild()
    v PlayUO.Profiles.Config.DeserializeChildren(PersistanceReader ip)
    v Sallos.PersistableObject.Deserialize(PersistanceReader ip)
    v PlayUO.Profiles.Config.Load()
    v PlayUO.Profiles.Config..cctor()
    --- Konec trasování zásobníku pro vnitřní výjimku ---
    v PlayUO.Profiles.Preferences.get_Current()
    v Injection.Seed.MainA()
    v Injection.Seed.Initialize()

    this the error. Thank you have good day
  15. Baby Blue

    Baby Blue Well-Known Member

    Damn... just updated my nvidia drivers (had to so I could play other games such as black ops 3). Apparently Sallos won't work anymore. Any Ideas?

    Now I get the following message:

    System.ApplicationException: Unable to create Direct3D device. ---> SharpDX.SharpDXException: HRESULT: [0x8876086A], Module: [SharpDX.Direct3D9], ApiCode: [D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE/NotAvailable], Message: Unknown
    kohteessa SharpDX.Result.CheckError()
    kohteessa SharpDX.Direct3D9.Direct3D.CreateDevice(Int32 adapter, DeviceType deviceType, IntPtr hFocusWindow, CreateFlags behaviorFlags, PresentParameters[] presentationParametersRef, Device returnedDeviceInterfaceOut)
    kohteessa PlayUO.Engine.InitDX()

    This error message appears only when I'm using sallos with my better nvidia graphic card. I can still login with my integrated graphic card but it's so much worse.
  16. weichenghuang

    weichenghuang Member

    new install sallos, my charater displays a ogre on it, but when i dismount or take off meta tailsman the ogre is gone, how can I fix that?
  17. Malkraven

    Malkraven Well-Known Member

    i dont think you can its the talisman
  18. manolo

    manolo Well-Known Member

    Use ". remove" and target the talisman. The command will temporarily hide the talisman (and the ogre) until your next login.
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  19. Exmachine

    Exmachine Member

    How can i change the screen size?
  20. Melvin J Shaw

    Melvin J Shaw Well-Known Member

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