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Skill Scrolls

Discussion in 'Player VS Monster' started by Luer, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Luer

    Luer Well-Known Member

    what are the best mobs to hum to get skill scrolls? ive been hunting in despise but have even got one yet.
  2. WRSampson

    WRSampson Well-Known Member

    It seems to me like the drop rate for scrolls has went down. I used to get them off of demons but have recently killed a truck load of them and have not had any luck. Titans seems to be the way to go and people will tell you lich's and lich lords. Depends on your build if you can go after balrons and stuff like that you will probably have a higher chance.
  3. Luer

    Luer Well-Known Member

    i have an archer/bard, i hold my own most of the time but havent tried any balrons yet. i dont have any resist or hiding so could be a problem there. guess ill have to jump up to titans then, any place to find these other that despise?
  4. kevin newland

    kevin newland Well-Known Member

    I do a nice cycle from the dark blue evil mages, all titan spawns, mage ratmen, and orc mine overseers. I actually get the best drop rate from the orc overseers.
  5. halv

    halv Well-Known Member

    I think the drop rate is changed. Once there was a time you could get two skill scrolls at once from some high level mobs. Can't even remember when this was happen the last time.

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