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Skjoldvard and the Impossible Chest

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Skjoldvard, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Skjoldvard

    Skjoldvard Neophyte

    Jan 22, 2017

    I's never seened the like. That blasted box! A lock on it so impossible! Had I's been in I's yout I's had been embarrassed!!!

    Two days past, the lovely Althea Rose, of the Knights Guild, brings for I's a box of treasure. I's pulled out my best pick set (I's showing off, I's admit...she smelled better than most of the Knights--and pretty) only to be defeated! I's only trade and I's couldn't perform. Disgruntled, I's went for help...


    Van..uhh..Shadow Lady--hangs out nears West Britain Bank?--Shadow Lady took I's to her home. (None of that look Lass, was strictly business). To I's grand surprise, many boxes of shapes and sizes and colors were splayed upon ground. 'Start here,' says she pointing at the small wooden crate, ' and work to you can no longer.' She left I's to it. Occasionally I's heard a scream and a beg for mercy from a room down yonder ways. I's just assume not 'member it.

    Hours later she finds I's working on dis shiny blue box. I's been attempting it for nearly an hour by then. 'Ah!' says she in a mischievous giggle to her. Scary, that! 'You're nearly a grand master locksmith. But not quite. I assume you need these skills quickly?'

    I's nod.

    'Then you should be looking for magical scrolls of skill.' She sees the confusion on I's face... 'A long time ago, Magi were more powerful than todays....things. Some used power for good, some for evil. Some found ways of stealing skills from hard working citizens and trapping those skills on scrolls. They would steal only a little, barely noticeable. Because of this, millions of hours of gained skills were able to be trapped on paper before the citizens realized this. Needless to say, even the most powerful of Magi is no match for a mob of angry pitchfork wielders!

    'You should find these scrolls, Skjoldvard, and read them. By my guess, you should need three'

    She left I's there, in'r house like I's welcome to her mead and cheese. But being it was stored near a green flask...I's went about my quest of finding these blasted magic scrolls.

    I's savinya the long of it, but I's found the scrolls and ...Well I's can't read, yas know. But little consequence was this as I's only needed to break the seal. The magics within knew what to do.


    I's head hurt so much. And again and thrice! I's could not see, and a fuzz in I's ears humming with a zap of five Corp Por spells hittin I's at once. And just like that...clear!

    I's tried the box again. This time, I's picks are instinctively going where they should. Unfortunatlys, I's knowing now, but not developed the muscle memory! I's still holding my favorite pick set when it crumbled in I's fingers.


    I's smarter now than when I's started this business. I's looked real hard for traps and found none--but I's couldn't believe. I's attempted to remove a trap I's couldn't see and could "feel" a trap resisting I's attempts. I's fumbled and fiddled more and more until I's couldn't do it no longer. I's sent a raven for Gharmin, of the Mage Tower.

    'Ha! You old fool. I keep telling ya your old-world skills are matchless against the might of magic! Stand back, while I open this box with my mind!' Dat big headed buffoon. But I's needed his skills, so I's tongue did bleed.


    I's not be lying. I's did feel fooling beside this mage, sparkling with power. But I's know he can't magic that lock open! I's know when I's grand master and removing traps, I's can do so from shadows!

    In the end, this box opened to an amount of loot I's never seened in one box affor. I's sent ravens to the lovely Althea Rose and called it a night.


    Transcribed by my hand for Skjoldvard

    Jewel the Scribe
    Ocllo Public Library


    This box took 100 LP skill to crack. I had to actually "lose" .8 skill because the scrolls will not put you over. **Note, if you ever need to lose skills, turn the arrow down, a random arrow up, and vendor train. Remember it's 1 GP per .1 skill. **

    I knew I wouldn't be able to remove the trap considering my RT skill isn't quite in the 90's yet.

    All things considered, this was a fun box to crack and I'd like to thank @Sir. for supplying me with the skill scrolls required to reach 100 LP.

    As far as content, I can't say I'm disappointed. I wonder if there is a small % chance to get a rare/semi-rare in game item in these harder boxes? It would be nice for that to happen as it appears the steal-able rares do not exist on this shard (if I'm wrong on this, please enlighten me!!!!)

    Hope ya'll enjoy the read!


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  2. Sir.

    Sir. Grandmaster

    Feb 1, 2016
    Sir Rendlesham
    Haha another great write up, m'friend! And excellent pondering on the idea of a small % that a rare might be in the paragon chests this hard to crack.. I remember hearing that christmas statues were rares found in the christmas statue chests, and since they could be christmas/paragon at the same time, kinda got me wonderin... maybe they've all got that nice little feature? Anyone able to verify?

    Keep them comin man, great stories!!! And truly awesome research in the field being done here - very clean *nods in approval* :D
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  3. aeni

    aeni Neophyte

    Dec 5, 2016

    While I'm certainly no stranger to public light, I'd appreciate you asking first before submitting drawings with my likeness to the town criers papers. It's only polite!

    ...Who am I kidding, you can't read this.

    To other news, I believe you're onto something with the rares, there. I'm sure a very small percentage of a chance to drop would be worthwhile to hunters such as yourself, and not interrupt the economy terribly so. Perhaps the gods will shine upon thee?

    Side note, friend, put a door on your place!!!

    With love,

    Aeni of Cove,
    Humble Knight
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