Spring Dungeon, Lucky Leprechaun Global Drops & St. Patrick's Day Invasion!


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New seasonal dungeon time, let's get it!


Opened from
March 8th - May 31st
Deep in the heart of Despise dungeon lies a sanctuary for Fey creatures. A place where magic and wonder thrives, and the natural world dances in perfect harmony. The sanctuary was once home to a diverse community of Fey, from mischievous pixies to unicorns. They once lived in peace, protected from the dangers of the outside world. However, the peace did not last. Evil creatures have made their way inside the Sanctuary and begun to corrupt it.

Help clear out the corrupted monsters that are taking over the Sanctuary!

Spring dungeon features spawns from each Monster of the Week type. Making it a great place to hunt all season long!


Discover the Tree Clan Orcs in Heartwood!
In the depths of the Sanctuary lives a clan of tree orcs. This clan of orcs were blessed by the spirits of the Sanctuary, granting them the right to live amongst the trees. In return for this blessing they have sworn protect the Heartwood tree. They lived in harmony with the fey, never taking more than they needed and always giving thanks to the trees for their shelter. They will not tolerate any filthy humans trespassing in their village!

Wandering healers can be found wandering about the dungeon. If you succumb in battle in this dungeon you can seek out one of these healers. Or enter one of the many gates that will transport you back to safety. Purple gates for Britain healers, red gates for Bucs Den healers.


Take a trip down the magical rainbow road!

Find yourself on the mythical rainbow road! This once secret realm of wisps has been taken over by dragons and terathans. To uncover the portal to this bazaar world you need to slay wisps until the portal appears.


Slay the wisps in the Sanctuary to uncover the portal!


The wisps will eventually submit and grant access to their secret realm.


Get your Moonglow Azure cloth!
Collect 50 Moonglow azure lotus petals and 1 Azure cap mushroom. Once those are mixed with a regular dye tub you’ll get a Moonglow Azure hued dye tub with 5 charges.


All mobs can drop the Moonglow azure lotus petals. Azure cap mushroom can be found by slaying stronger mobs such as ogre lords/mages, ancient shadow wyrms, elder dragons, ancient liches, balrons, abnormal dread spiders, succubi, ect.

Empty cloth dye tubs are reusable!
Once empty you can recharge the cloth dye with any cloth you own.
Providing an alternative way to store your special colored cloths!

Portal Fragment Fragments


While slaying creatures in this dungeon you may discover these small gems. Collect 5 to get a portal fragment.
It's tradition that seasonal dungeon carry an array of loots. Spring in no exception. Find special seeds, discover new decor, and plunder hidden treasures!



Find new branding templates for your pets! With new titles such as : Bloom and Doom , Taste the Rainbow , Powered by Sunshine, and more!

Discover a new archway dye! 2486 Sunkissed Meadows.

Discover the location to the Sanctuary of Renewal in the heart of Despise. (5402, 865)


The Saint Patrick's/Leprechaun events will be as follows:

Lucky Leprechaun Global Spawns: March 16th - 22nd.
During this time all creatures spawned in the world has a percentage chance at spawning as a Leprechauns Lackey.
Each Leprechaun Lackey has a chance at spawning some rares.

Saint Patrick's Day Invasion: March 16th - 17th.
During this invasion you will be able to protect cities from being attacked by mischievous leprechaun lackeys.

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