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The Archaeologists log

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by The Archaeologist, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. The Archaeologist

    The Archaeologist Member

    Sep 2, 2019
    ooc: "The Archaeologists Log" is a player created video log.
    Tune in daily to learn secret hints that could help you win millions in upcoming events!

    Please note: ALL videos now have proper subtitles. Enjoy!



    Archaeologists log.

    Day one.

    Journey to the Free City of Trinsic.

    The Archaeologist, Harold A Wellington, and his merry crew embark on their journey to the Free City of Trinsic.

    The morning sun had risen over Britannia. I (Harold A. Wellington of the Archaeologists Guild) and my young crew, Jonas, Martha and Bartosz, awoke early, hastily loading up our pack horses for the journey ahead.

    A crew of archaeologists will typically end up working together like a well oiled clock, and we were no exception, especially after having already been on a dig together in the jungle for the previous three weeks. A dig, I should say, which we were pulled off of in the dead of night in order to investigate a strange pyramid that had been discovered in the swamp north of the City of Trinsic. At any rate, we were prepared to leave within our first hour on the clock, as planned.

    We set off into the Spiritwood, continuing on our journey to the south. The mid-morning sky was luminous with a light purple tint in the clouds. The light of the sun was keeping us warm in the otherwise brisk weather.

    The forest was serene; it's peacefulness highlighted by the curious back-and-forth chattering of a group of Starlings which guided us into the thick. As we walked down the path, the trees grew taller, and thicker, until eventually the sky became invisible. Brilliant rays of light were now pouring through holes in the canopy, quietly descending onto portions of the road ahead.

    My mind had been wandering, and I had fallen behind. Ahead, I watched as Bartosz reached down and harvested a row of foxglove flowers. He lifted them above his head into one of the bright rays, and appeared to be carefully inspecting each pod for insects. He then turned to Martha, pinning it to one of her long, brown braids. She welled up at the gesture and accepted. "Great", I remember thinking, "workplace romance". I suppose it can't be avoided, but I'll still be holding the crew up to the highest standards of the guild, so hopefully it won't become a distraction.

    It wasn't long into our journey that we came across the path to the swamp that we would be taking the next day. Despite the rushed nature of this expedition, we were to continue travelling south to Trinsic to retrieve new tools and supplies from people with knowledge of the terrain. The guild had sent word ahead of us to some members of an old guild chapter that had previously been located in the northern district of the city. We were on orders to have the entire crew travel together, otherwise I would have sent Jonas, a capable scout, to investigate the structure early while the rest of us continued past. Yet, as I had peered down the pathway into the swamp, something told me it would have been a bad idea, even if it *had* been allowed.

    I'd been pondering on something that a man had said the other night. Something about a mother needing to fight off some vines with a bardiche to save her child? Must be some pretty deadly vines. I hope we don't have too much trouble, as neither of the young men in the crew seem to have any apparent skill with a small blade, let alone a polearm. With any luck we'll be able to find something sharp and heavy like that once we get to the city, but my concern right now is more for any volunteer labourers we encounter getting accidentally harmed by these three, as that wouldn't be good for the guilds reputation. At least sharper weapons would be better than the dull ones we'd been using in the jungle.

    We finally made it to the City in the late afternoon, and indeed, a special welcoming party had been awaiting our arrival. There at the city gates were the supplies they had put together for us, which included food, clean bedrolls, and various heavy armaments. *Bardiches* I thought as I looked in one of the long crates they had loaded onto a caravan for us, and saw that there was.. one for each of us.. I reached inside and ran my finger along one of the blades. Razor sharp...

    That's when I knew.. we were *definitely* going to be walking into something.. unnatural...
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  2. The Archaeologist

    The Archaeologist Member

    Sep 2, 2019

    Archaeologists Log

    Day One, Part Two

    Arrival at the City Gates

    The Archaeologist arrives at the City of Trinsic, and makes a horrifying discovery in the library. He immediately takes out his pen and ink and marks it into his log.

    Earlier, as the team and I made our way around the gate, we were delighted to be approached by the townsfolk. Many of them were clearly eager to have their various questions answered, and yet, still managed to be patient as they took caution to ensure we were warmly welcomed first.

    How generous of them to have not only awarded us that luxury, but also gold and lumber to aid the construction of our camp. We thanked them and graciously accepted, as it's within our ability to accept such offerings, per article 14.2 of the guild charter on charity, which states:

    "An archaeologist may accept offerings such as currency or supplies if the crew is burdened by a lack of resources, fatigue, or during extreme weather conditions."

    Well, at the very least, our crew is fatigued, after already having been on assignment for the better part of a month. So I took no issue with accepting the offerings. It will be a nice win for the crew, who have spent many sleepless nights in tight quarters together after long days working in the jungle.

    I instructed them to head for the Travellers Inn to the north for the night. Hand in hand, they skipped off happily toward the inn, whilst I made way to the City's "Bank of Brittania" branch to open an account on behalf of the expedition. There, I was able to store the gold and lumber for the camp and operations.

    The evening fell, but instead of meeting with the crew for dinner, I ate a quick snack I'd been saving in my backpack and headed for the local library.


    There I made a horrifying discovery.

    Historical documents indicated that indeed, something un-natural had occured to the flora in the region surrounding the pyramid. The same region we were on our way to investigate. However, according to this, the issue has been resolved, and there hath not yet been any resurgence yet on record.

    With any luck, it shouldn't be an issue. However with that said, I am all the more intregued, and eager to get to the dig site, although gathering the rest of the supplies may take another day or two. I know the crew will be happy to hear it.
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  3. The Archaeologist

    The Archaeologist Member

    Sep 2, 2019

    Archaeologists log...

    Day two...

    The Amazonian Princess...

    The Archaeologist wakes in the Free City of Trinsic, and is swept off his feet by a beautiful maiden.

    The sun rose and began to peer into the Free City in the early morning, revealing a thick, misty fog that had rolled in off the pier overnight. A particularily chilly morning, in a region well renowned for having a mild and temperate climate. I threw an extra blanket over my shoulder, and watched through my bedroom window as the light of the new day heated the city's soft, sandstone pavers, gradually lifting the cloud until it seemed to dissipate right before my eyes.

    Many of the local citizens were already busy fullfilling their various obligations and chores by the time I had left my room to check on the crew. I knocked on the door, but there was no response. I casually opened it and was not surprised to find that the trio had also already left to complete the tasks I had previously set forth for them.

    The city was buzzing; its banners gently blowing in a whirl of warm wind. Dewdrops danced delightfully throughout the day, with the temperature gradually climbing to a degree of great comfort. It was then, and only then, that I took my leave of the inn and began my day as well.

    My first stop was the stablery, just next door to the inn. I had wanted to ensure that the pack animals were well fed, as they would be needing their strength for the upcoming journey. Just then, a local scribe approacheth. Her hair was short, and golden, and she was very graceful, as with all of the ladies in the region.

    For a moment I had forgotten that I was an archaeologist, and was uncertain why such a beautiful women would be approaching me with such haste.
    "Kind sire. She said.

    Pardon me for interrupting. You, are, the archaeologist, I presume?

    If thou art, then please, allow me to introduce myself.

    My name is Analya. I am an amazonian princess from the southern jungle. Long have I been a welcomed ambassador to the Free City, and now I too, have been ordered to investigate the pyramid, as I am told you are as well."

    "My lady," I said, bowing in return.. "There is most certainly no need to apologize for the interruption."

    "It is a pleasure to meet you, Princess Analya."

    I lost my train of thought. Her beautiful green eyes had absorbed my gaze, and for a moment, I felt as though I had been staring straight into the jungle itself.

    she blushed..

    "I am indeed the Archaeologist that has been sent to investigate the strange pyramid in the Northern Swamp."
    "I go by Haroldicimo, but formally, I am Harold A. Wellington, of the Archaeologists Guild."

    She continued:

    "Please, just Analya will do. You see, I would be most grateful, if you would accompany me to the Encyclopedia Magicka.

    Before we go any further, we should see my aunt Gradine, a wise and deeply focused fortune teller for a tarot card reading. Please understand, if the legends of my people are true, then there are dark times ahead we need to prepare for. "

    With that, she unlatched her robe to reveal that she had been holding a soft, white rope, which she used to tether her horse to the post at the Stabler. She murmured to her four legged companion not to worry, and that she would be back soon.

    Then the beautiful maiden took my hand. She looked at me for a second, and smiled. As we began to walk, I wondered if the pyramid really could have something to do with the jungle to the south. This seemed unlikely to me, even though much of the pyramids vegetation, as it was described to me, was native to the jungle.

    And whats this she was saying about dark times? It reminded me about something I had heard, pertaining to an ancient calendar that predicted something called the "dark armaggedon." Could this be what Analya was talking about? I had hoped not, and was consoled by the fact that these didn't seem like dark times at all. In fact, things seemed to be looking up in my opinion.

    We arrived at the Encyclopedia Magicka and immediately sat down in front of a table displaying a variety of cards. Just as I was about to introduce myself, the princess placed her index finger over my lips, shushing me. She then turned her attention towards the cards. She and her aunt went into a deep meditation. It would be nightfall before another word was spoken. My eyelids became heavy..
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  4. The Archaeologist

    The Archaeologist Member

    Sep 2, 2019
    Archaeologists Log

    Day Two, Part Two

    "Gyptic Warnings"

    The Archaeologist awakes to find that he has been slumbering inside the Encyclopedia Magicka. (ooc: You may want to turn on the subtitles for this episode!)

    The sound of voices faded into silence, drowned out by the gentle tapping of rain on the roof above. It became apparent that I had fallen asleep, sometime in the late afternoon. Now, day had turnt into night, the evening having settled into the city like water into glass. Slowly, my eyelids crept open to reveal that I had still been sitting comfortably in my chair at the Encyclopedia-Magicka.

    The Princess and her aunt appeared to have taken their leave, and in their place, a strange book now adorned the table. I reached for the novel, and as I did a sharp chill reverberated up and down my arm like frozen fire.

    Persistently, I tried again, and, after succeeding, hastily flipped open the cover. I inspected the hinge, and turned to the half title. It was in immaculate condition for a volume which appeared to date back several decades.

    I closed the book, carefully depositing it into my backpack for safe keeping. Suddenly, the door swung open, the hairs on my neck now standing at attention as the cool night air whirled in. To my one side, the crashing of the thick wooden door. And to my other: brilliant sparks dancing like fireflies in the tempest it had stirred.

    Firm, however, stayed my stubborn gaze, as I knew not which of the two senses to appease first.


    A man entered, as the door slammed back shut behind him. His presence filled the room as he walked past the light, leaving only shadow to remain.


    "Please excuse me. I am very sorry to have interrupted you, my lord. I did not see you there."

    "Please allow me to introduce myself. I go by the name of Blaine, and I am a Gypsy. I hail from Paws, a village to the North of the Free City."

    The man stood firm, as the buildings inhabitants scrambled around him to collect loose parchments, many of which had taken flight in the gust.

    The room grew slightly darker, as the nearby braziers flames subsided in the now calm air

    "Hail and well met, Blaine, Gypsy of Paws."

    "I am Harold Wellington of the Archaeologists Guild."

    "I'm on orders to investigate a strange pyramid-like structure that hath appeared in the Northern Swamp,"
    I explained.

    ..I would caution you, to stay away from that place..
    ..For there, is a great evil, no man can hope to contain..
    ..The Lord of those lands must never be awoken..
    ..Else, THIS is what WILL happen!"

    The man reached over; his fingers extending towards a deck of tarot that had still been stacked up on the table. One after another, he flipped over three of the cards.


    The hanged man.

    Ten of swords...


    The man lowered his arm, his attention switching to the cards he had drawn.

    First, his left eyebrow raised. Then the other. Then, he reached up once more, firmly gripping me by the shoulder.

    "Never again,"

    he proclaimed, as he turned around and exited the room with great haste.

    The door slammed shut behind him once more, my steadfast gaze remaining unaltered as I stared infinitely into the cards..

    "The Hanged Man... "

    "Ten of swords... ."

    "Death.. "

    What could it all mean..

    My eyelids grew heavy, and once again, I found myself unable to stay awake.....


    ooc: Many thanks to @Blaine the Gypsy for his guest appearance and all his help! Bravissimo!
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  5. Blaine the Gypsy

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    Jan 17, 2013
    Blaine the Gypsy
    No problem. We need more role players on this shard.
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  6. The Archaeologist

    The Archaeologist Member

    Sep 2, 2019

    "Thank thee, Blaine, Gypsy of Paws, for thy kind words and efforts."

    ooc: Just wanted to let people know that all the videos have proper subtitles now! New videos will be posted over the coming days and weekend. Thanks for your patience!
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  7. The Archaeologist

    The Archaeologist Member

    Sep 2, 2019
    Archaeologists Log

    Day Three

    The City of Honor

    The Archaeologist takes a walk through the beautiful City of Honor.
    I awoke in my bed at the Travellers Inn. The sun had already risen over the Free City, and based on the amount of light pouring through my bedroom-window, I could tell that it was already late in the morning. My focus turned toward the book. Left for me by the Amazonian Princess the night before, it had now been resting dangerously on the edge of my chest of drawers.

    It was extraordinarily well maintained, as if it were like new. It was clear to me that it was a great honor, to have had such a priceless heirloom left in my care, after only a brief encounter.

    "Perhaps my reputation as an Archaeologist hath preceeded me," I wondered, as I began to flip through the pages.

    Just then, a note slipped out from under the cover. Gently gliding through the air, it landed at the foot of the bed. I leaned over and picked it up from the floor, dusting it off. I then held the parchment up to the light, to reveal a message from the Princess:

    "I must apologize for having left you with such haste. It's simply not in the tradition of my people to disturb someone from their meditation, under any circumstances.

    Before my aunt could perform the tarot reading, she had a vision, and we immediately set off for the Southern Jungle, to meet with our elders. I hope to meet up with you again, at the pyramid.

    Until then.. Archaeologist.

    - Analya."

    I carefully tucked the note into my breast pocket, and turned my attention back to the book once more. Turning each page with great care, I found within its pages a small section containing detailed information about the Northern Swamp.

    For now, I thought it best that I take my leave of the inn. My legs, I found, were in need of some exercise, after my having sat in a chair for most of the previous day. I, too, was eager to explore the City, as even though I had visited it in the past I had never quite found the time to take in the beauty that resided within its thick, sandstone walls.

    The crew, I assumed, having gathered all the necessary supplies for our expedition, had taken the day off, and were likely off fishing and bathing outside of the City.

    I marveled at the beautiful artworks found throughout the City of Honor. The attention to detail was truly astonishing, leaving me perplexed and with a certain feeling of wonderment. It was clear that it took the love, and dedication, of a great many people to build this City into what it was today.

    Various works, dating all the way back to Lord British's "Renaissance of Arts and Science," were on display throughout the streets, much to my enjoyment, as a purveyor of the various arts.

    The sun was now shining brightly over the City, causing its soft, sandstone pavers to become rather warm, and I was now more glad than ever to have exchanged my soggy boots for a pair of thin sandals after arriving at the city gates. The cobblers at 'Brittania Provisions' certainly made a wise decision, having placed their shop between the entrance to the City and the Bank of Brittania: Trinsic Division.

    Again, I stared up in wonderment at the stunning beauty of the Free City, her walls now glowing with warmth in the light of the early afternoon. There had been not a cloud in the sky; perfect weather for the type of day I'd been having. I only hope the crew is getting their rest, as we would be embarking on our expedition the very next day, and it was to be quite the journey.

    Just then, a man approacheth:

    "My Lord: I am but a humble messenger, and I have been sent by her lady, Skye Wolfbane, Governer of the Free City of Trinsic.

    She hath just returned, after being away from the City for some time, and would greatly appreciate if you would meet with her,
    on this days eve' to discuss the many happenings of late.

    What say you, kind Sire? Wilst thou be attending?"

    "Aye. I shall attend, and am Honored to do so,"
    I replied, bowing graciously.

    He took leave, in order to deliver the message.

    Indeed, there had been much to discuss. I was beginning to feel as though the happenings of late were merely the dawn of an event with historic significance. Deep within my bones I could feel that something had been going on in the region.

    First, with the strange and sudden appearance of a Pyramid in the Swamp; it's exterior covered in flora from various different geographies. Secondly, with the strange tarot card reading dealt by the Gypsy of Paws. And finally, a meeting with the Governer of the Free City..

    My mind began to wander, and I found myself back in my room at the inn..

    My eyelids were feeling heavy again, and I decided.. to take a nap...

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