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The Privateer's Museum of Ocean Rarities Now Open to the Public!

Discussion in 'Player Screenshots & Videos' started by Hildr'Valkyrie, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. Hildr'Valkyrie

    Hildr'Valkyrie Well-Known Member

    I've been working on this museum since December of last year..! Many of you know me in game and on IRC and know how much of a labor of love this has been for me.. I still have a couple items that I need but nothing too vital. I believe I have collected 99% of all Ocean and Fishing Related Rares in the game, including some extremely rare items that are no longer available in game.

    All are welcome to visit, and explore the museum! :)

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  2. Alana

    Alana Well-Known Member

    This is soo cool! Great work! Wow!
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  3. Coorhagen

    Coorhagen Well-Known Member

    How did you get the aquarium? Was it a donation item?
  4. Syphor

    Syphor Member

    Well done, this looks absolutely amazing! Great design and layout of items!
  5. Cerebellum

    Cerebellum Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I don't see a gold hued wooden chest... Are they really that rare?
  6. Hildr'Valkyrie

    Hildr'Valkyrie Well-Known Member

    No they aren't, I have all the colored chests, from MIBs and Ancients. There just isn't any room for them on display. I've gotten a dozen of every color treasure chest for most hues. They're not really that rare. The chests I have on display are just my favorite hues and are used mostly for convenient storage. Once I get a rusted anchor I'll put them upstairs with the rest of my storage.
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  7. Sparhawk

    Sparhawk Well-Known Member

    Awesome work. Love the skele walking the plank!
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  8. kevin newland

    kevin newland Well-Known Member

    I have the heartwood (wooden treasure chest) and gold (metal treasure chest) if you wanna buy em =]
  9. drinn

    drinn Well-Known Member

  10. lollo

    lollo Well-Known Member

    We did a good trash cleaning job at that idoc yesterday
  11. Sparhawk

    Sparhawk Well-Known Member

    RIP Privateer's Museum :/
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  12. Godsrage

    Godsrage Well-Known Member

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  13. Godsrage

    Godsrage Well-Known Member

    well it not the only Pirates museum i will be posting photos soon still looking for some stuff
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  14. StegcO

    StegcO Well-Known Member

    Wrong thread sorry
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  15. Silly Santa

    Silly Santa Well-Known Member

    @Hildr'Valkyrie noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :< The day you come back to the land of UO Forever... hit me up and ill help you get re-established :<

    @EQMS Nice job needing 15+ unleet purple noobs to secure an idoc.... keep on zerging....
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  16. Silly Santa

    Silly Santa Well-Known Member

    Do you love gloating about getting an idoc... whereas it means a player of UOF decided to leave and maybe never return to UOF ? Does that make you happy?
  17. lollo

    lollo Well-Known Member

    Your rage posts make me happy

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