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Through the Caves - A Skjoldvard Adventure

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by aeni, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. aeni

    aeni Member

    Dec 5, 2016
    Greetings and Salutations,

    Aeni of Cove, Humble Knight of the Knights guild known as Sir., reporting on behalf of a family friend, Skjoldvard of Occlo, Salvage Fence of the Lords Salvage and Treasure (LoST) guild. Poor Skjoldvard is illiterate, and his drawing skills are slightly better than mine whence I was three.

    The story, from his mouth to my quill:

    Foreigners by ship, processing through Anchors Away--where I just happened to be sneaking around looking for a fresh catch to lunch on--I overhear thems discussing a business. 'Bud,' said the fat one..and I kid you not, that chap from the Big Land called his bud, Bud. Goes on, 'I have a tinker friend who keeps me in constant supply of lock picks. I have cartographer friend who constantly finds maps to dig for treasure.' Smiles here, den says, 'but you never see an X on these maps from below.'

    I went on my way, having procured a fish (ok three) from a fisherman with a thought in my head. Hims right! says I to me. I've been in the deeps afore and boxes aplenty lay below. So then I decided then and there to be a hunter of dungeon treasures. My skills at hiding and moving unnoticed are unparalleled on Occlo. Hmm, figures me, I've gold aplenty awaiting me.

    Immediately, problems tried to kill me. Problems tried to keep me away, from *my* gold! No skill at the brute arts, you see. But sneaking around is my own talent and I did find a small chest that needed attention. Good thing the skills of fumbling with tumblers was beat into me early in life. My ... parno..paranoyo...para... I constantly worry about them murdering fellas lurking in the shadows I stay to, so I learned to see them despite their efforts. The skill came in handy and told me my crate was trapped! Trapped! Lass, that rich fatty said naught about traps! Expedition one, scrapped!

    I'm not supposed to mention Vandoren's name, so's I wont, but she taught me the basics of picking traps out of crates. Anyways, since I was on the Big Land, in Lord British's own town, I figured I'd range north and check out Despise. Heard mines dad talk to mum about it when I's a wee pup.
    (The reenactment drawings are provided by Aeni, for your pleasure.)


    'O I get in dare and get to my first box. Lass, who leaves a box of gold laying about, I ask you? Who? Anyways, I pick the lock and sure enough, another trap! This time, I use my new skills taught by that scary lady just left of the bank in west Britain. Was greeted with the gleam of gold and gems and an herb i can't image using in my fish stew. All this work, for little pay off. Where were my weapons of magical vanquishing. My phoenix armor? My... my riches?

    Certain, I was, that more gold lay about. So I kept snooping around these old caves. So crafty was I that no lizard beast, nor slime, nor floating ball of eyes saws I--even when I was standing toe-to-tow with dem.


    In all, I was able to loot a few chests, and the corpses of dead critters left by some foolish traveler. I found chests I couldn't break into shortly affer. Knew then, I did, that all the magical items and bigger gold piles belong deeper in harder boxes. I'll be training for these, I will.

    Once returning home, and after a round of the shopkeeps, I managed just over 2500 gold and two nice finds. A dirty pot and a metal chest. Not a horrible day, to say the least!


    Fellows, be thankful I stop the story here--and skipped many details (it's how I had time to draw the images).. Skjoldvard, it would seem, loves to talk; especially if he's the subject. Should he relay more interesting stories to me, I'll be sure to share them.

    Aeni of Cove,
    Humble Knight

    (OOC - Remove Trap is a fun skill. Disappointing in that training it is so difficult as very few lvl 1 chests exist and the respawn rate is slow--though respectable. Would love to see more trapped chests in the dungeons. Even if the loot per box was lowered to account for higher spawn rates. In any case, hope you enjoyed Skjoldvard's boring adventure)
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  2. Sir.

    Sir. Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2016
    Sir Rendlesham
    ooc: hahaha GREAT story and a very creative way to point out the underlying facts... Regardless if there is an alternative way to train up remove trap using player provided (crafted/tinkered) tactics, that kinda points out the fact that there isn't really a feasible way to do it in game without an alt to trap chests for you to train on. There should definitely be more support for this skill/mechanic to be raised in game.

    Check the link i found relating to this (gotta be sneakier than that @aeni !)
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