Turkey Hunt


Turkeys have begun appearing throughout felucca. When they die the corpse will contain a turkey carcass that you drag and drop onto the turkey butcher in front of West Britain bank.

Each carcass is assigned a weight. When you turn it in, the turkey butcher will tell you "Now thats a contender!" if you are within 30lbs of the heaviest turkey. If you are not you will get a snarky message.

There will be rewards for the heaviest turkeys after the event which will run until at least 11/24/2017 10PM CST.

The top 5 turkey weight were:
Bj Bob 342
Wattah 342
Seven Ex 345
Jyzabelle 346
PurPlEpEoplEatR 347

The lowest 5 were:
Lupin.Jr 199
Reese's Pieces 201
Moeman 203
Silverback 206
Thane Krios 209

There were 7459 turkeys turned in with an average weight of 274.86

The longest top weight was held by Imalive with 341, for almost 14 hours until Bj Bob took him down.

The top turn ins were:
IonizedPets with 340
Korean Sweatshop with 226
Poproshaika with 184
God Loves Ugly with 137
Polonium with 123

I have awarded turkey trophies for the top 10 weights and one for the lowest weight.
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