Ultima Online Forever: Rising (Content Announcement)


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The staff of Ultima Online Forever has been hard at work making updates for the server. We are excited to officially announce our list of upcoming content. From quality of life changes, new crafting changes, PvM content, PvP updates, and much more! Between now and when the expansion releases we will be doing topic discussions to get feedback from you, the players, while also giving some insight on our own idea's.
The following list is what is expected to be added, added on to, or adjusted in the upcoming Ultima Online Forever: Rising expansion.
Please note that this list could have additions, removals and/or changes at any time up until the expansion releases.

Feel free to watch the list release video below.
(Special thanks to Carl Delindin for the theme song).

Static list of upcoming content:

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Thanks for adding all this to a completely free to play game. I know there are donations, etc, but you guys really do rock for doing this work. Can't wait to see it!