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What Would You Like to See?

Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Carl, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. Carl

    Carl Guest

    So it's that time again with a fresh thread.

    What NON-Donation Items would you like to see and why?


    What Donations items would you like to see on the vendor please be detailed in your descriptions and please keep in mind they must not effect ANY balance of game play, and be within reason.


    ***Do NOT suggest Bolas/Wands.***
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  2. DreadneckJedd

    DreadneckJedd Active Member

    I'd like a red goat skull orc helm that a broke college student can afford.

    Also, blessed dagger for reds to chop heads.
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  3. Tom the Immortal

    Tom the Immortal Well-Known Member

    !! Blessed dagger that does 0 dmg , so reds dont have to buy new one every tiem they die :) Would be even BETTER if it was Red color !!
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  4. SidX

    SidX Well-Known Member

    You can also make a new character on your account and take his newbied dagger. I did that to get a newbied Kryss and Dagger so I could cut up corpses and slash peeps on my thief.
  5. Tom the Immortal

    Tom the Immortal Well-Known Member

    No u cant , if red dies he loses everythin , even newbied items , except blessed ones ofc
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  6. SidX

    SidX Well-Known Member

    Ah didn't know that, thanks. Sucks for reds.
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  7. Amelee

    Amelee Member

    I would like to see the female armor to match the blue and white leather skirts! I would buy the entire set if that was available! Also, I'd like to see a red cape to match the red forever belt. :)
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  8. Amelee

    Amelee Member

    Also.... a bag of sending would be nice :)
  9. Knightsodyssey

    Knightsodyssey Well-Known Member

    Non donation

    Craftable hanging armor and weapons. (takes 120 bs and 120 carp)
    Craftable fur rug (old ones) (takes 120 tailor and carp)

    Items are available at 120 at a extremely high fail chance. Hanging armor would display item used (example if its craftable it would say a broadsword crafted by bla bla, or silver supremely acc vanq kryss) You would retain weapon used but lose boards/ingots on fail.

    Fur rug would be craftable by regular leather hides (since these are practicly worthless now). Same with extremely high fail chance.


    Deco rares like Spittoon, dinning set, paintngs, statue dye tub, and other things many shops have that would be neat to display in home.
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  10. Produkt

    Produkt Member

    I would personally love to see more treasure chest. I enjoy stealthing around dungeons and picking chest, espicially in Khaldun, but once you know where all the chest are it becomes less fun over time. Perhaps you could add "quest" based chest around the world where you find clues from NPC's.

    Another great thing would be more stealable rares that random spawn in dungeons. An example would be something like "skull of a succubus" that might spawn in the Balron room at Hedge Maze or any Balron room. Something that makes sence like evil mage rooms spawn glowing scrolls. You could even add a feature where when the item is stolen the mobs auto agro so there could be the need for the thief to bring allies to help fend off the angered mobs. It could add a great roll-playing aspect to dungeon adventuring. Maybe there could even be random NPCs that spawn in remote areas of the map/towns that speak of items they saw in a dungeon. I personally would just like more activities on my stealth lockpicking thief and it might actually get some thiefs out of town and into dungeons.
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  11. Babethoven

    Babethoven Well-Known Member

    to get this shard back to PVP origin, not catering to trammy blues
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  12. lordjakan

    lordjakan Active Member

    Sorry I am new here so don't know this its been discussed before (I am sure it has!), but the blessed cloaks and robes that used to be yearly rewards, that add a small amount of armour? I know this will affect balance, but if its 1 AR per, it will only be a very slight edge. (Back on normal servers even tho this was an edge a lot of people still chose not to wear them, same as not everyone rode armour dragons for the damage reduction.)
    This might also require a tiny AR bonus being added to faction robes, again making a non-cash fueled incentive to people factioning.
    Etheral's are already a balance issue arguably for vet players as they are not out the battle as long after a death, and I don't think I've seen a PK/Factioner without one.

    While it will slightly affect balance, will also boost donations to help boost this server and keep it going I am sure :p.
  13. Kurrel

    Kurrel New Member

    Bolas. Aren't tamers strong enough?
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  14. Radar Mile

    Radar Mile Well-Known Member

    Bring back craftable golems! Go tinkers!
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  15. Radar Mile

    Radar Mile Well-Known Member


    It's already been stated they won't be implemented, though.
  16. Babethoven

    Babethoven Well-Known Member

    taking off 80% of what we have on the donation vendors and keeping it a 10 item wearable, 10 item non wearable updates from now on, get it while its there or wait until next time.....
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  17. Shane

    Shane Guest

    Yes like how it was at first. This will be happening, we are in the middle of doing just this we had to go back and archive all items we've had out so far hues, and prices first.
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  18. Minzur

    Minzur Well-Known Member


    and Llamares
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  19. asics

    asics Well-Known Member

    Donation item:

    white item like royal cloak\white plate mail gloves: white leather gloves, white shield, white platemail,

    Activation Deed (see later)

    Non Dono Item:

    Recipe for Bod Cloth Hues: you need

    - example: fallon cloths (100) + white donation quiver + recipe + PS 105 tailor = Fallon Donation quiver

    this can work for ALL the item that you can buy from dono vendor like quiver\royal cloak\helm\gloves

    WHY this?
    - Bod Cloths will AGAIN have a Market and they will be again desiderable, now fallon go for 30\40% of the price of one year ago
    - Little Powerscroll will have again a market, now little scrolls are almost unused and not selled
    - ppl still need to donate to get the "base item" to dye with the Recipe\cloth

    Recipe for Tier 6 MIXUP HUES

    -example : recipe for 10 cloth of NEW hue like metallic black + 20 charcoal + 20 ice white + 100 donation coin= you get 10 yard of new rare HUE metallic black



    Why this?
    - same of last things bod cloth and ps will have market
    - OLD and RICH player will have new "target" and items to craft\wear
    - a lot of mixup can be created not just with tier 5 clothing

    Metal Paragorn Chest Different HUES!

    have different statuette.. now we need different HUE metal chest..

    maybe High End mob can have a chance to give: blood, bod color chest, or just different hues, so farming paragornrs can be again desiderable for OLD players.

    - rusted chest from fishing 120 - rusted differenst vesion chest from mining 120

    NEW House Decos:

    new house decos can be dropped like this:

    you get 1 piece , when you get 10 piece, you can use 1000 donation coin and you get : a strange table, a strange armoir ecc ecc to have fresh air for monster drop!




    Different Hue Tamables\Ridables

    extrempely rare pets like : lama,beetle, horse, bear, ostard with NOT blaze\icy hue..but like: ice blue\grey , dark brown, darker white

    -you can find them around the world - so tamers can go around search them ( if we will like this idea i can spend more time on this)
    - this kind of pet can be bonded just with Dono Bond Deed
    - this kind of pet can be ridable just with 1\5 ss taming or 105 taming ps that the pet Eat

    New Rares with Gravedigging

    with high skill mining 115-120 you can mine in dungeons\graveyards to try to find rares like bones or things like that strange hued.

    Fishing Rare Spot

    you can find a rock in the sea with little strange hue , or you can catch while fishing a different HUE rare fish..if you find the rock or the rare fish you can fish in that point around with some good chance to get some nice things..but some monster can appear

    Statuette \ sandals SINK:


    give him 10 lich statuettes: 90% you get a charcoal\ice white rare deco reags 10% get a gnarled charch\ice white staff that you be able to cast \no damage : you can bless it with dono coins

    give him 10 blood red book: you get a blood red book case or a pile of redd book you can bless it with dono , if you dont bless you cant lock it down

    give him 10 charch sandals: you get a new sandals hue..

    give him 10 polar bear mask: you get a new polar bear mask

    give him 10 red dragon head: you can get a rare hue dragon head

    give him 10 white sash : you can get a stnrage hue sash

    and things like this..

    WHY? cause a lot of common rares are not desidable..dont hav a market..and we can create new things that ppl want..

    Automatic Weekly Raffle

    with nice prizes that you must use Combat skill SCROLL +1 instead gold or dono to sink and give a purpose to these scrolls ( or you will think..o shit..a sword ss when you get one..)

    NOT an item but PLEASE add some new monster\dungeon or..revamp :)

    maybe ill add more..if some ppl appreiciate :)

    congrats to the staff for all the work, the patience and the constat updateds..that give us this game for free (but lets donate guys..if you can of course) but we need really a lot of high end shit..or is normal that we get a lot of new plaeyrs and we lost some old ones :)..

    tnx for the time for all the ppl that read well this..and spend some of their time to try to make my ideas better with some constructive critique!

    lets go!
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  20. Radar Mile

    Radar Mile Well-Known Member

    Regular-hued quivers. Craftable or donation item. I'd just love to have one
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