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What Would You Like to See?

Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Carl, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. Intangibleshade

    Intangibleshade Well-Known Member

    How about a deed that you can purchase from the gold sink vendor that transforms a regular skill scroll into a pet skill scroll to train your pets back up to gm?
  2. Don Key

    Don Key Well-Known Member

    Can we make the action cam not switch to young players?
  3. Geriatric

    Geriatric Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt mind seeing
    carpentry tinkering inscription possibly cooking fletching bulk order deeds
    possible rewards apart from power scrolls
    include sturdy saw, tinker tool scribe pen at the low end

    higher end rewards could be
    for carpentry
    display cases
    dressing table
    quantities of the new types of wood that are planned to be released
    runic saw for better quarterstaffs

    beef carcass
    skill food could be various effects

    skull with candle perhaps
    coloured spell books
    skill scrolls
    runic scribe pen can outright copy a rune book or spell book with just the materials to craft a rune book or just a regular spell book

    those weird looking flasks or empty vials (but they were craftable with mining sand and a gargoyle book)
    luck potions? increase the amount of gold gained from monsters for 1 hour by 10% continues through death
    life stealing potion on hit chance to heal yourself for X amount of hit points only works against monsters

    weapon racks
    i sort of half recall seeing a grandfather clock image around somewhere
    glove bless deed for miners using the + 1 3 5 mining gloves
    iron maiden

    runic fletchers tools and get some better bows archery needs some love
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  4. Geriatric

    Geriatric Well-Known Member

    ohh paired accounts

    account 1 has a house
    account 2 has a house

    both accounts have lockdown and owner rights between the houses
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  5. halygon

    halygon Moderator Staff Member

    Here's one that I never understood is not already in motion:

    How about rent from rented vendors AUTOMATICALLY get put into the vendor house owner's bank box? I think it is counter intuitive for money to be automatically drawn from the rentee's bank box, but have to be manually collected by the rent house owner.
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  6. Don Key

    Don Key Well-Known Member

    1. rideable purple llamas
    2. alchemy + magery summons toxic elementals
    3. necromancy
    4. more accurate region descriptions for the action cam
    5. more uses for lockpicking. Like locked rooms in dungeons that have good spawns, or chests that you can't recall into.
    6. mini dungeon puzzles/events/quests that require lesser used skills like lockpicking, forensic eval, cartography, mining, detect hidden, spirit speak, camping, etc.
    7. champ spawns not piling up on the edges of the champ spawn borders.
    8. Age of Shadows weapons with regular attributes
    9. bard mastery
    10. seahorses that you can ride on water but are slower than boats
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  7. spudd

    spudd Well-Known Member


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  8. Hephastus

    Hephastus Well-Known Member

    In-house teleporters for classic houses. Running from the cellar to the roof of a classic large tower feels like running from Minoc to Vesper.

    Just create a deed that gives 2 teleporter tiles that can be locked down -- similar to the house-to-house teleporter but without requiring charges.
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  9. Yagyu

    Yagyu Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you are on the wrong server lol! This is ren era, I dont think that has necromancy or AoS stuff lol. What more does lockpicking need? Can open SOS chests, treasure hunting, paragon chests, and chests in the dungeons. This isnt lockpicking online lol I think thats more than enough.

    Personally, Id like to see something with the lvl 8 spells. They should consolidate all 4 elemental spells as summon element, and add 3 new lvl 8 spells. I think it is sad that 4 of the lvl 8 spells are virtually useless. Perhaps add a long damage over time spell that doesnt work on players. A summon mount spell? A spell to imbue dexxer weapons or arrows? A spell to block projectiles ie arrows, thrown potions, etc.

    I think the possibilities here are endless.
    Another thing id like to see improved is an option to just get the bod every 6 hours without selling anything. Is it really needed to buy a sewing kit, or smith tool, just to sell for a bod?
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  10. Yagyu

    Yagyu Well-Known Member

    How about a donation item to either increase slayer item creation, or to even let you craft them in your house?
  11. Mithryl Elves

    Mithryl Elves Well-Known Member

    @Shane @Adam

    Whats the ETA on Bulletin boards? It's a carpentry item that for some reason cannot be crafted here.

    Also, are there any types of display cases?
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  12. Lotus

    Lotus Well-Known Member

    bod cloth update
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  13. edw3rdwood

    edw3rdwood Well-Known Member

    Maybe ditch a lot of the pastels? And bring them back for Easter or something, taking hues that never sell and making them rare
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  14. so-LOW

    so-LOW Well-Known Member

    Rare cloth spawn/monster drop

    Remove pw cloth add new cloth to gold sink (keep changing monthly)

    Add bod banana yellow items to dono vendor
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  15. amonseti

    amonseti Well-Known Member

    Naming bags / containers like you can on a vendor.
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  16. Luxvero

    Luxvero Well-Known Member

    some crazy ideas:

    SINGLE ETHEREAL BLESSED BANDAGE, something comparable to what bluepouch does, but the fact that you can ress at an Ankh and have bandages to reach 100% HP could be unbalancing... (more than ressing at the same ankh and having pouch to escape paralyzing?)

    perhaps if on death it becomes an item that you must double click after ress, and wait 10s before it turns into ethy bandage again...

    humm nameable bags sounds cool, perhaps it could be CONTAINER NAMING DEED, on gold sink, its something u can live without, b ut is a great utility for extreme hoarders, im sure they are willing to sink some gold in a couple dozen of these.

    Now just registering an ideia from True, I'm not sure if he was trolling but here it goes:
    A stone that sinks (a lot of) gold and gives you reagents.
    lets say u need 30k regs to make kegs for ur champ gang asap, but can't find it restocked on player vendors, you can obtain it from the regstone at a high rate of 10gp (6gp? 20gp? whatever)...
    (I may have changed it to something different from what he originally meant)
    would this ruin business for cultivators or gatherers?
  17. Eleman

    Eleman New Member

    Making nightsight potion actually useful perhaps changing it to a reactive armor potion or something of the sort
  18. Asiza

    Asiza Well-Known Member

    I recently learned we do not have quests...lol companion lol me. I was interested in the naturalists one
  19. Illkill

    Illkill Member

    We want a version of this game for mobil gaming devices. Phones, touch screens, ect. :(

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  20. TooLong

    TooLong Well-Known Member

    All of this.
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