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What Would You Like to See?

Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Carl, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. hubcap

    hubcap Well-Known Member

    -*********Stackable potions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!********
    -"Stink Bombs" (pet deterrents for the 1% of us that don't own dragons) New alchemist craftable, perhaps? make it in the form of a pot....doesnt cause (a LOT) of damage to a pet....just causes it to lose "radar lock" if you will. Maybe cause a mount to 'toss' their rider?? ;)
    -Maybe add some rarity items to the alchemy like "fine wines" or "holiday spirits" or something along those lines. (grapes, dates, tribal berry, etc etc)

    -Bring back the "wall-sized" World Maps for deco. 120 cart, perhaps?
    -Introduce rarer (creatable) maps for the cartographer.
    (Dungeon Maps? Wall Sized Treasure Maps? "Map to the Serpents Pillars"? you know...along those lines)

    -Make having a true battle tank worth it again. Not everyone wants a dragon or play a flute or throw spells.
    Make it a template that's profitable again. The paladin template was interesting. Maybe introduce special moves to a 100 swordsman or higher. Katanas.....mortal slice. Bardiche and Halberds...mortal blow. Broad/Long/Viking swords...mortal thrust. Cutlasses...mortal slash. You get where Im going. Have it drain mana to use the move. More mana....more damage added. More powerful moves...require more mana. Not all tanks have IQs over 25-25 so this might cause them to rethink the attributes. You see all other templates successful in battle and 'fund raising" flying solo, except the battle tank. Make them a viable component to the gameplay again. Too much concentration on animals and magery.

    -Make it worth it.
    101-120 camper can start a campfire and everyone in the immediate vicinity gets HP and mana regeneration rate gains?
    (Higher skill...faster the regen rate? Higher skill...more people benefited?)
    This (Camping regeneration) cannot be done within X amount of distance from a champ spawn site or dungeon entrance, perhaps, to keep things relatively balanced?

    RANDOM RARES that ALL players have a chance at picking up.
    Too often its the experienced players and those that are monitor jockeys that get all the gold and rare stuff.
    Random spawn locations.
    Random levels of rarity with all players with an equal shot. [A young player can find some of them just as easily as the pro)
    Random "pick up" items that spawn every time the server crashes, perhaps? (like now) :)
    A mug....A chess piece....Young Nightshade Flowers.....Dragon dung.......Have them all do something in game to give them value other than home deco. Dragon Dung causes a horse to toss his rider? A Chess Piece adds +10 to Int for a day? A mug..Young nightshade flowers.....well, those are deco ideas, but, you get the idea here...

    Mysterious monster raids?
    Have a randomly seclected, randomly activated "evil character" that unleashes the army on the populous?
    "Evil Guy X has released his undead horde on the West Britian Bank!" etc etc....
    Maybe have the town criers deliver the news when the even happens?

    IDK........make some more of the little used stuff more appealing.

    Some ideas off the top of my head while I sit and wonder what happened to my char because the server crashed.
  2. James Franco

    James Franco Well-Known Member

  3. asics

    asics Well-Known Member

    lol at what?:)
  4. asics

    asics Well-Known Member

    nice ideas!!!
  5. The Red Devil

    The Red Devil Active Member

    Glad to see the gold sink vendor is finally being revamped. ;)
    My #1 suggestion is to add the pet summoning ball. It makes sense because you already have the meta stone there and NOBODY likes to feel like Khaleesi.
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  6. aIck

    aIck Well-Known Member

    Lightning sword pls
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  7. Godsrage

    Godsrage Well-Known Member

    To the pirates and players, Red and Blue, of UOF. To all my fellow brothers of the sea all around.
    For many years pirates been sailing the seven seas, mate. Now we are a big part of UOF and we came from all around the world to play. I love to hold my rum bottle in the air and a give you all a big "Aye!"
    One problem is we have no rum bottle to allow me to give that the toast to you. So, Adam and Shane, we need your help. Savvy? We need our RUM. So, with a big "Aye!", can you give me and my brothers of the sea some rum so we can party? Savvy?
    As from Captain Jack Sparrow, I ask, "Why is the rum always gone?" Now you see the problem we are having. Too long I've been parched of thirst for rum and unable to quench it.
    Too long I've been starving to death and haven't died.
    I feel nothing. Not the wind on my face, nor the spray of the sea, mate. It's in the Pirates code that we must have a rum. I know there are guidelines, but we pirates of UOF
    must have are Rum. Savvy? So, for this I say to my fellow brothers of the sea give me a, "Aye Savvy!" for Adam and Shane to give us our rum bottles with the SOS on the
    monster. Now, if you like, we could have rum barrols for the rares in whirlpools.
    Yes, we need more Pirates items on the vender. Not all treasure is silver and gold to this
    fine game of UOF, mate. Now, I promise to commander one of these ships, pick up a crew in, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out.
    Now bring me that horizon! "And really bad eggs and rum." Drink up me'earties. Yo ho. Godsrage, Aye!"
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  8. Lailoken

    Lailoken Well-Known Member

    I just GM'ed Alchemy and I can see one practical item that I would like on the gold sink vendor.

    Mortar and Pestle.

    With only a 20% chance to make Deadly Poison and no PS for Alchemy I sure could use a bit of a boost in my Alchemy skill so as not to blow through 3k (roughly, still making the keg as I type) in nightshade for one keg of DP.
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  9. Lailoken

    Lailoken Well-Known Member

    One more fun one!

    Cod Piece!!

    So you can show off your E-Peen in public.
    The more you spend the bigger your E-Peen is...err....Cod Piece.
    Spend more to protect your junk!
  10. Wizx13

    Wizx13 Well-Known Member

    Bone armor dye tub for the win :)
    Same colors as leather tub.
  11. FingersFinn

    FingersFinn Well-Known Member

    Ships have cannons, why not flintlock pistols? Of course a new skill would need to be created, or a current one modified. Perhaps take Archery out and simply have a new skill aptly named "Accuracy" that would encompass both bows/flintlocks. Additionally, balancing would need to be carefully considered.
  12. hubcap

    hubcap Well-Known Member

    I kinda like this.
    Remove archery all together and replace it with 'firearms' and in lieu of tactics......'marksmanship.'

    I run an archer and gotta say Im a bit underwhelmed. Ditched arch for wrestling. :)
  13. FingersFinn

    FingersFinn Well-Known Member

    Marksmanship would be great to encompass both bows/firearms use. Marksmanship+Anatomy for bows, Marksmanship+Tactics for Flintlocks. Perhaps even Marksmanship+Tinkering for the Flintlock.

    Would prove an interesting and progressive change.
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  14. FingersFinn

    FingersFinn Well-Known Member

    Double post. Apologies.

    EDIT: Since it was a double post, I may as well make more use of this entry other than let it go to waste. Therefore, wouldn't it be interesting to see how seafaring battles would ensue with the introduction of flintlocks? I wonder how PvP would change or be enhanced. On the other hand, I've reviewed several threads regarding complaints with Archery. All subjective, of course. Still, it'd add flavor to spice things up.
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  15. hubcap

    hubcap Well-Known Member

    Have 'marksmanship' help cannonfire as well...... ;)
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  16. asics

    asics Well-Known Member

    bump with this

    @eppy @Adam
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  17. Mango

    Mango Well-Known Member

    Explosion Potions that don't chase people around.

    More PvM Viability for Melee classes (perhaps % damage reduction vs monsters, sorta like what's done on Diablo).
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  18. amonseti

    amonseti Well-Known Member

    THIS^^ A million times over !
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  19. Wizx13

    Wizx13 Well-Known Member

    All you got to do is lose line of sight and they won't chase you
  20. hubcap

    hubcap Well-Known Member

    they shouldn't 'chase' you in the first place.
    its a liquid in a glass bottle.
    not a heat seeking missile or a spell.

    my $,02usd adjusted for inflation.

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