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What Would You Like to See?

Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Carl, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. Wizx13

    Wizx13 Well-Known Member

    How else are you going to stop a gm runner? Do you have time to stop and cast a spell? Can you shoot a arrow while running on a mount? Do mounts fatigue so the runner will be forced to defend?

    Explo pots are the only thing usable agianst runners. They only track you if los wasnt broke at time of launch.
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  2. hubcap

    hubcap Well-Known Member

    Wiz....I hear ya loud n clear. I do.


    1. running is a part of the game. Dont gank. Get better at sneaking up...I dont know.....or stun them? (PvE templates arent made like PvP templates......the PvMers KNOW they will lose 9 times outta ten.....and the PvMer will be carrying more that some fkn pots. That, alone, puts the odds of success in PvPers favor............need more advantages to beat someone totally ill-prepared (or willing) to play the PvP game? Why force them to play the PvP style......the PvMer does very little, if anything, except running, to level that out, albeit, slightly. Sucks we hate runners, but, those runners hate being griefed. Such is life.
    2. spells bend, sometimes. as they should. liquid in bottles should not. (just my opinion...this ones like politics and will go either way, imo)
    3a. Arrows dont bend. 3b. Sucks you have to stop to shoot (i run archers, i know), but, ever try to shoot a bow from a moving horse?
    4. How, exactly, do you fatigue a horse anyway? Arent horses known for stamina and speed? ;) Maybe ask for an introduction of a 8th level spell called "mount wither?" I dont know.....

    I hear every word of your rebuttal. Im in fact in agreement, in theory, with all of it. But, it just doesnt add up to the (supposed) balance of things when pots become heat seeking spells. I just cant buy that they should be able to.
  3. Wizx13

    Wizx13 Well-Known Member

    First off let me explain. I don't PvP at all.
    I like to travel light and bank after each encounter to minimize my loss when I do get PK'd.
    For the most part it's pointless to even try to fight back against the red zerg. So I might lose what I had on me but I already banked 30 encounters prior so loss is minimal.
    I was merely speaking on my experience of being chased by pot throwers and actually figuring out how to stop them from hitting me. I am that GM runner and I'm also a Legendary Recaller [emoji1]
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  4. FluxLiner

    FluxLiner Well-Known Member

    Blaze forever robe. Bring the robes back.
    Release masks with matching sandals
    . Won't buy masks without matching sandals
    Also I find 25k dono is OP for someone who just is interested in donating real money for a game wearable. Example Roman candle. U cool get far more donations if someone had to donate maybe $100 instead of $200
    I'd like to see rare pets u can have bank sit with u. Like Tuffy the squirrel is special hues. (Dobby with 0 taming needed)
    Our Canadian dollars is way way low. Maybe you have noticed it affect donations. To donate your $175 us. I have to donate over $200 which makes it a lot less tempting.

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  5. amonseti

    amonseti Well-Known Member

    An improved house tool. Currently just up down turn left turn right ... would like to see more options like translate x,y,z .. or and least nudge left nudge right ..
  6. Violence

    Violence Well-Known Member

    Return of some house deco dono items on the vendors.

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  7. FluxLiner

    FluxLiner Well-Known Member

    Ultra 2062 Boots back or something else worth layering with
  8. Cheapsuit

    Cheapsuit Well-Known Member

    Well I would love to see a few item bless deeds but I understand it will tilt the scales of balance a bit if there are only 5 on the sever so what I would love too see that causes no balance issues are the earrings that gives night sight.
  9. Dark Merlin

    Dark Merlin Well-Known Member

    I would like to see on the donation vendor ; scars, brusies and smeared blood deeds that could be add to our characters.

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  10. hubcap

    hubcap Well-Known Member

    I would like to see a swordsman template be valid again.

    Id LOVE to see more toons than tamers and nox dexxer templates being utilized.

    Makes one think if things really ARE balanced here when soooooo many people pick one, or both of those templates.
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  11. Shortbus

    Shortbus Well-Known Member

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  12. Dark Merlin

    Dark Merlin Well-Known Member

    More brimstone dono wearables like boots, plated gloves, quiver, double sash. Also a brimstone ethy dye horse would be cool. :)

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  13. stunoma.

    stunoma. Well-Known Member

    New leather dyes [emoji14]. Darker hues blah blah

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  14. Wizx13

    Wizx13 Well-Known Member

    Bone armor dye tub
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  15. Da Witch Dr

    Da Witch Dr Well-Known Member

    Love to see this due to bone armor being my favorite armor to craft. Being able to customize the color of your suit would be nice.

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  16. asics

    asics Well-Known Member

  17. Dig'em

    Dig'em Well-Known Member

    I put 2 ideas in the suggestion thread :) shame champ spawns and nigjtwolves nigjtridges etc..

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