Whole Series of Lunar-Driven Events


Short Version: The two moons, Trammel and Felluca, should be in play. Use them to trigger periodic changes in-game.

Long Version...

Those familiar with UO lore might know of the two moons, Trammel and Felluca. At any moment on a shard, these two moons have a relative position. In ancient times they used to govern the destination of the now so-called moongates. Mages of Moonglow claim that the very mana of the earth waxes and wanes with the twin moons. Indeed, moonstones change color depending on the moons and it is even claimed that elders could use them to open a portal to other dimensions...


Suggestion in basic form: Utilize the moon function to alter AI behavior or even modify the player's success of a particular action.

e.g when moons are full, the Wolves come out to play.

Graveyards and beaches could overspawn.

Yields change.

Gates 'malfunction'.

Passive mana regeneration affected by moons. Spell costs could even change.

Do something... plenty of room here.


I like the idea but I can assure you that if the idea gains traction...it would only be for a short period of time like an event or something.

Def has potential though, there's only so many ways to get tastefully creative with content and keep it classic. Most of our added-on content are holiday themed...santa, leprechaun, easter bunny, 4th of July invasions etc, Halloween has had a few interesting twists over the years but the only content that feels like it's really about the world of UO usually is surrounding a dungeon opening. Well we had the weeklong giant event thing, but yea either way more of that shit.


If i recall correctly, the oldest versions of Ultima.....

mandrake root could only appear, and be harvested, during a certain moonphase.

but my memory sucks.