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hey bradley do you know if you still have this list of rares or the books? i would like to start looking for rares if possible
Perfer to Help new players to keep shard health and going rather then take advantage of them and have them leave the game.
I know those characters names. My main was Great Lakes and I played many test shard..
Empathy was for my main Acct and Amor- was for pvp on test shards.
Hello Skye was an old vet player from launch way back when, I think late 80's if my mind is still working right. Im a smith by trade but have a toon that can melee as well. was looking to get into the game more and already know it takes a large family to make it out here. I am interested in possibly joining you all let me know what the details are.
thx and have a good new years.
hello ms enquiring as to whether trincic guild is accepting new friend and i would like to expand what we do in uof and that requires we be part of a larger guild(our guild has 3 members atm.we each have a complete array of characters,even a couple of fledgling tamers.we are both adults(some might say ancient) and play daily.i would appreciate a response at your convenience
Hey man! I have too armored sets +30 armor both, 1109 hue and ettin hue. 1109 40mill, ettin 45 mill, 6 pieces +5, can wear with plate armor set, and can add cloak
Can you send me pics please