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Cannons were introduced in the Naval Warfare Reborn expansion. They are attached to all Ships and Galleons by default and can be loaded with Cannon Balls. Cannons do different damage depending on the level and type of your Ships or Galleons and the amount of Cannons present on the ship also depends on the Ships or Galleons.


Cannons by default are already "Deployed" on a ship, they can be retracted with the 'Retract the Cannons' command and deployed with the 'Deploy the Cannons' command. Once the Cannons are deployed, you can see them on the outer edge of your Ship. To fire the Cannons, you must load them with Cannon Balls. Double click the Cannon Balls in your inventory and target any single cannon on each side of the ship and wait. You can see how many Cannon Balls each cannon has by single clicking on a cannon.

After you've deployed and loaded your Cannons with Cannon Balls, you can then issue the "Fire Left" or "Fire Right" Ship Commands, this will give you a target reticle, allowing you to aim at an enemy ship, player or creature.

The Cannons will each fire one time, consuming a single Cannon Balls from each cannon. Note that Cannons are not entirely accurate and can sometimes miss.


Cannons damage can be factored by many things. Here are some of those factors:

Cannons do higher damage depending on the type of Ships or Galleons you have.
Cannons damage can be increased with Ship Upgrades.
Cannons do more damage on higher level ships.
Cannons do different amounts of damage to different things. Such as players, other ships or NPCs.


Firing Cannons:


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