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The faction sign up stones located in Britain


The faction system has been rewritten and replaced with Militias.

The Faction System is a broad game system designed to promote organized player conflict within the society of Britannia. The fundamental goal of the conflict is to provide a foundation for player conflict based upon meaningful and contextual combat and conflict-related interactions. The system is designed to encourage the inclusion of a wide array of player types through the use of game mechanics that appeal to a broad set of play-styles.

Factions is a group PvP system. The system consists of 4 Factions, 2 good and 2 evil, struggling for control of Britannia

To join a Faction, visit the Faction signup stone area in central Britain. Choose one of the 4 Factions and you will be given a robe to show your allegiance and be able to join in the fight immediately.


True Britannians

  • They follow the teachings of Lord British and their base is Castle Britannia in Britain.

Council of Mages

  • A good matured faction that have issues following the teachings of Lord British. Their base is in the Parliament Building in Magincia.


  • They follows the evil mage Minax. They are based in a mountain stronghold north of Destard.


  • This faction follows 3 demonic entities known as the Shadowlords. Their base is the Yew Crypts.

Leadership Roles

Faction players are eligible for public office within their faction. The three eligible offices are: the office of Faction Commander, Town Sheriff, and Town Finance Minister.

Faction Commander

  • The office of Faction Commander is attained through an election process that occurs once per week. There is only one commander per faction. The Faction Commander may send a global command to all faction members twice per hour by simply saying, "message faction". Most commands made by the Faction Commander are decided through Faction and Town Stones.

Town Sheriff

  • Appointed by the elected Faction Commander to control the placement of guards in a captured faction city. There is one sheriff per city. Town Sheriff may view the town/city treasury and may hire guards by simply saying, "I am Sheriff" out loud.

Town Finance Minister

  • Appointed by the Faction Commander to manage taxes and resource vendors in a captured city. There is one finance minister per city. The Finance Minister may access the town/city treasury to change tax rates and may hire vendors by saying, "I wish to access the city treasury".


Command Function
[f Used to communicate with your Faction.
[faction Brings up the Faction gump, where all Faction related information is centralized.
showscore Displays your Faction points.
[titles Lets you access your titles and hues
I am sheriff Allows the Sheriff to place guards.
I wish to access the city treasury Allows the Finance Minister to control taxes and Faction vendors

Control Points

A point of power must be captured by a faction before it can be used by its members. To capture a point of power, you must stand in its immediate vicinity. The more of your faction in the immediate area, the faster it will capture. If there are opposing faction members in the area, the capturing process will slow or even reverse! Once a point of power has been captured by your faction, you may double click it to receive its bonus. A point of power bonus will last for 2 hours. Your skin will also hue your primary faction color to signify that you have a point of power bonus currently applied.

Point Location Bonus
Bloodshed Near the west Britain bridge. Makes your body unchoppable.
Knowledge Near the west Trinsic gate. Increases skill gain by 5%.
Power Near Moonglow bank. Increases your damage against monsters by 5%.


Factions also include a good vs. evil system, in which "Life force" points and spells are gained for defeating opposing ethic members and special monsters. The True Britannians and Council of Mages are good, while Minax and the Shadowlords are evil. Winning in battle will also increase your rank and access to titles.

Hero Evil
Rank Title
(hue 2049)
Points Required
Rank Title
(hue 1100)
Points Required
1 Knight 0 1 Fiend 0
2 Knight-Errant 10 2 Bloodletter 10
3 Justicar 20 3 Abominable 20
4 Paladin 30 4 Destroyer 30
5 Prophet 40 5 Reaper 40
6 Templar 60 6 Chaos Bringer 60
7 Inquisitor 80 7 Dread Lord 80
8 Knight-Commander 100 8 Harbinger of Chaos 100
9 Holy Crusader 150 9 Death Stalker 150
10 Lightbringer 200 10 Evil Incarnate 200
11 Chosen One 300 11 Prince of Chaos 300

Ethic Spells have cast times and can be interrupted like normal spells, but do not require the spellbook to cast. Without an ethic spellbook you will need to say the words of power aloud. Each spell uses a certain amount of Life Force.

  • Ethic/Faction Sense
    • Tells you the general direction of enemy faction members and the number of them.
    • Range is based on your current lifeforce points gained from killing enemies of the opposing faction.
    • Holy keyword: Drewrok Erstok, Unholy keyword: Drewrok Velgo
    • Cost: 0, range is based on total life force accumulated
  • Holy/Unholy Items
    • Ethic members will be able to sanctify weapons, armor and clothing. This will hue them to your ethics primary hue. It will bless clothing but will only hue weapons and armor. If a weapon is used to attack a player that is not criminal outside of ethics, it will explode. If a non-ethic player tries to put on ethic clothing, it will explode. Ethic items are given increased durability but cannot be repaired. This goes for clothing as well.
    • Holy keyword: Vidda K'balc, Unholy keyword: Vidda K'balc
    • Cost: 100 life force, 10k gold
  • Holy Armament/Unholy Armament
    • Ethic members can further sanctify holy/unholy armor. For a moderate amount of lifeforce, you can bless armor and weapons for 90 minutes at a time. This will also make the weapon/armor the equivalent of a power weapon. Ethic weapon and armor bonuses will only work against members of the opposing ethic. Magic weapons and armor cannot be ethic blessed!
    • Holy keyword: Erstok Reyam, Unholy keyword: Velgo Reyam
    • Cost: 15 life force, Good: 3 Sapphires -- Evil: 3 Emeralds
  • Ethic Steed
    • You will be able to summon a dispellable ethic hued mount for a large amount of life force.
    • Holy keyword: Trubechs Yeliab, Unholy keyword: Trubechs Yeliab
    • Cost: 50 life force
  • Holy/Unholy Word
    • Resurrect yourself once per day for 100 life force.
    • Unusable in houses.
    • Holy keyword: Erst Oostrac, Unholy keyword: Velgo Oostrac
    • Cost: 100 life force
  • Holy Beast/Unholy Beast
    • Summon a pet wolf to aid you in battle for a short time
    • Holy keyword: Xen Vingir, Unoly keyword: Xen Vingir
    • Cost: 25 life force
  • Holy/Unholy Union
    • Resurrect an ally or pet for a moderate amount of life points.
    • Holy keyword: Vingir Yeliab, Unholy keyword: Vingir Oostrac
    • Cost: ???

Ethic runic weapons grant a tactics bonus equivalent to "exceedingly accurate." They will explode when attacking any innocent creature or player.

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