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Galleons were introduced to Ultima Online Forever in the Naval Warfare Reborn expanson and are very powerful ships that can be crafted by a player with Carpentry at 100 skill points. Galleon recipes must be learned before Carpenters are able to attempt crafting them. The Ship Recipes can be obtained through Fishing, there is a higher chance of obtaining one in a Whirlpool. There are different types of Galleons and each one has different designs, durability, amounts of cannons, damage and shot cooldown timers.


Name Hull Durability Cannon Durability Sails Durability Cannon Volley Cooldown Number of Cannons
Tokuno Galleon 1500 1125 1500 15 Seconds 10 Heavy Cannons
Orc Galleon 1900 1425 1900 25 Seconds 16 Heavy Cannons
Gargoyle Galleon 2300 1725 2300 35 Seconds 18 Heavy Cannons
Britain Galleon 2700 2025 1700 50 Seconds 26 Heavy Cannons

Crafting Materials

Galleon Required Materials Required Skills
Tokuno Galleon 15 Forged Metal, 30 Ship Ribs, 1 Ancient Anchor, 1000 Bloodwood Logs, 10 Barnacle Encrusted Ingots 100.0
Orc Galleon 20 Forged Metal, 40 Ship Ribs, 1 Ancient Anchor, 1000 HeartLogs, 10 Barnacle Encrusted Ingots 105.0
Gargoyle Galleon 25 Forged Metal, 50 Ship Ribs, 1 Ancient Anchor, 1000 Frostwood Logs, 10 Barnacle Encrusted Ingots 110.0
Britain Galleon Unknown Unknown


Tokuno Galleon Orc Galleon Gargoyle Galleon Britain Galleon
104px-TokunoGalleon.png 95px-OrcishGalleon.png 74px-GargishGalleon.png 108px-Britannian ship.png