Holiday Monsters

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For lack of a better word, Holiday Monsters are special versions of monsters, similar to paragons, which spawn around Christmas, Easter and Halloween. As with paragons, these Holiday Monsters are noticeably more powerful than the normal version of their type. They have more health, higher resistances, higher health regeneration and they can run faster and hit harder. If that wasn't terrifying enough, they effect of a Holiday Monster and paragon can also combine to form an even more powerful foe!

The monsters will be easy to spot as they given a special hue and title. Past examples included:

  • Christmas 2016: Evil Christmas Spirit Mage (Hue 37 & 1272)
  • Easter: Corrupted
  • Halloween: Halolween Spirit


Holiday Monsters have similar potential rewards to paragons but some extra rare items and wearables may also drop! These are typically take on the hue of the Holiday Monster:

  • Chest
  • Skin Dye
  • Statue
  • Wearables

The chests can be opened with the Lockpicking skill and will contain similar items to Paragon Chests.

Christmas 2016

Chest Hue 37 Skin Dye Hue 37 Chest Hue 1272 Skin Dye Hue 1272

Easter 2017

  • 1166 (Pink)
  • 2655 (Metallic Green)
  • 1266 (Fallon - Temporary, replaced by 2655)

Halloween 2017

  • 1378 (Purple)
  • 1358 (Orange)