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A Dragon Egg


Meta Pets were first introduced in Publish 4 on September 5th, 2014, starting with Meta Dragons. There are now three Meta Pet types: Meta Dragon, Steed, and Spider.

Meta Pets can learn abilities from Meta Relics which, in the case of Meta Steeds and Dragons, can be obtained from Random Dungeon Adventures, invasion rewards and monster of the month drops. Meta Dragons and Spiders can hold a total of four Meta Relics at once. Meta Steeds can only hold three relics - A small trade-off for being able to also mount the beastly creature! If a Meta Relic is removed, all progress in that skill will be lost. Returning the relic to the Meta Pet will not return its skill for that relic.

Each relic ability has different effects, cool downs and application rates. The abilities will only work against untamed creatures and they will not be usable against players or other tamed creatures. Meta Skills can be applied with a Meta Stone.

Meta Pets level up by killing creatures. All damage done to a creature is saved and then given out to damaging Meta Pets upon their death. Experience cannot be gained while in a house. A creature cannot give total experience greater than its maximum hit points. This means that you cannot farm the same creature for an indefinite amount of time. The owner of the Meta Pet must be in the general vicinity of the pet for it to gain experience. If a Meta Pet dies, it will lose experience equal to the amount of remaining hit points on the creature it was fighting. If the Meta Pet is transferred to another player, all experience progress on the current level will be lost.

Protecting Your Pet

Warning: Meta Pets are very attractive targets for pet trappers who will try to lure your pets to their house to trap it. Depending on the level of your pet, you will need to pay a fee to regain access to the pet. For more information please see the Protecting Your Pets page.

Meta Stone

The Meta Stone is an item purchased from the Wearables Vendor or the Unique Wares Vendor. At time of writing, it cost 3 million gold pieces from the vendor. It is used to apply Meta Relics to your Meta Pet, as well as view it's level progress of Relic Skills making it an essential part of Meta Pet trainer's toolkit.

The Meta Stone will also display the taming requirement of the Meta Pet. This taming requirement can drop 0.5 every time the Meta Pet XP "rolls over" at max level. For example, a fresh Level 7 Meta Dragon will have a taming requirement of 120. If you gain another 2 million XP on the Meta Dragon, its XP will roll over and the taming requirement will be reduced by 0.5. After 8 roll overs, the taming requirement will no longer reduce. The lowest taming requirement for a Level 7 Meta Dragon is therefore 116.

Meta Relics

Meta Relics are add-ons for Meta Pets. Relics are dropped as rare loot by a variety of bosses around the world. They are one-time use only - once applied to a meta pet, the relic is gone forever but lives on as a skill for the meta pet. If you choose to remove a relic from a meta pet, it does not appear back in your backpack, but instead is gone forever. BE WARY, IF YOU WANT TO REMOVE A RELIC THAT THIS WILL HAPPEN!

Meta Dragon

Meta Dragons can be obtained by killing the Dragon Progenitor in a Random Dungeon Adventure. Once you've killed the Dragon Progenitor, he has a chance to drop a Dragon Egg. The Dragon Egg comes in a variety of hues and determines the color of the Meta Dragon that it hatches. A Meta Dragon uses three follower slots.


Meta Dragons are hued based on the hue of the Dragon Egg obtained from the Dragon Progenitor. The following hues are possible drops:

  • 1109, 1154, 1173, 2655, 2963, 1155, 1284, 971, 972, 691, 742, 811, 900

Meta Relics

You man apply one relic at levels 2, 4, 6, 7 for a total off four relics on a Level 7 pet.

  • Molten Breath
Chance to breath fire in a line at your current combatant. All creatures within this line will take moderate damage. When the line of fire hits its target, a small explosion takes place and damage all enemies within a small radius of the impact location.
  • Noxious Blood
A poisonous explosion of your pets blood will take place on a small chance whenever it is damaged. All creatures within the vicinity of your pet will be poisoned.
  • Quicksilver
Your pet gains a burst of speed while attacking, greatly increasing his dexterity and returning all of his stamina. This lasts for a very short time.
  • Gold
Your pet has a chance to turn monsters that attack it into a paragon.
  • Bloody Talons
Your pet has a chance to apply a small damage over time to its combatant. This ticks once every 0.5 seconds for a total of 10 ticks.


Some suggested creatures to hunt have been listed with each level. Depending on your relics and character skills, you may be able to take on bigger and nastier creatures. Provocation is particularly useful to allow your pet to chip away at big monsters while their tear each other apart.

Level Description Image (Hue 1284) Taming Exp
1 Dragon Hatchling: This is when your Meta-Dragon is at his weakest. He cannot yet cast spells but applies lesser poison on hit. This pet looks like a snake.

You are best off levelling on lowly forest creatures and weaker opponents such as ettins and ogres.
Dragon Hatchling 50 0
2 Dragon Hatchling (Phase 2): Your dragon is still quite weak but has doubled in strength and gained his first relic ability slot. He will now use normal poison while attacking. This pet looks like a larger snake.

You can now step up to some tougher monsters such as ettin and ogre paragons, mummies, efreets and dull copper elementals. Stay close and keep your pet healed up.
Dragon Hatchling (Phase 2) 60 25K
3 Dragon Youngling: Your pet has once again become stronger. He still does not know any magic but can now use greater poison when it striker. He has grown legs and looks like a komodo dragon.

You should now able to to tackle daemons and dragons.
Dragon Youngling 85 75K
4 Dragon Whelpling: Your dragon has finally gained magic but at the cost of poisoning on hit. His AI has changed from melee to mage. He has also gained the ability to breath fire and a second relic ability slot is gained at this level. Your pet is finally starting to look like a dragon and takes on the form of a swamp dragon.

Titans, dragons and daemons will continue to give good experience but you can now also mix in heavier hitters like Ogre Lords.
Dragon Whelpling 90 250K
5 Young Dragon: Your dragon has gained in size, skills and strength. He has taken on the form of a young dragon.

Keep on those titans, dragons and daemons. Balrons, Ogre Lord Paragons, Shadow Wryms and Vampires should be manageable now.
Young Dragon 100 750K
6 Mature Dragon: Your dragon has once again gained in strength and unlocked a third relic ability slot. He is now a larger form of dragon.

Much the same as level 5 but you may want to explore even harder hitters like ancient wyrms if you have provocation.
Mature Dragon 110 1.5M
7 Elder Dragon: Your pet has entered its final form. It has gained its fourth and final relic ability slot. In rare cases, the Elder Dragon may take the form of a mongbat mongbat.

Keep on chipping away with those big creatures. Paragons should now be easier to handle and you should be able to tackle some big monsters without provocation.
Elder Dragon 120 3M

Meta Steeds

Meta Steeds are ridable meta pets. There are two types of meta steeds, the reptile and the mammal versions. A Meta Steed uses two follower slots. Meta Steed eggs can be obtained using crystal fragments obtained during Invasion events. The menu for Invasion rewards can be accessed by typing the [rewards command.
Invasion reward menu

Firebreath damage was added to meta steeds in December 2018. Damage is calculated as level x 2.


The following may not be a definitive list as new hues are added regularly.

  • From Invasion Rewards: 2500 (Newspaper) & 2503 (Ember).

Meta Relics

You man apply one relic at levels 2, 4 and 6 for a total off three relics on a Level 6 pet.

  • Bloody Talons
Your pet has a chance to apply a small damage over time to its combatant. This ticks once ever 0.5 seconds for a total of 10 ticks.
  • Gold
Your pet has a chance to turn monsters that attack it into a paragon.
  • Paralytic Venom
Your pet has a chance to temporarily reduce a creature's dexterity and intelligence.



Level Description Image (Hue 2503) Taming Skill Exp
1 Kitty: A cute little kitty cat. I hope it bites! Kitty 50 0
2 Dog: Your best friend. It will be by your side, and devour your enemies for you and accepts its first relic has a treat. Dog 60 25K
3 Horse: Your meta is now a ridable steed! Horse 75 75K
4 Mythical Beast: Your meta gains in power... And craves a second relic. Mythical Beast 90 250K
5 Skeletal Steed: Your meta gains in power... Skeletal Steed 100 750K
6 War Horse: This is the final form of your mammal meta steed. This majestic creature can now make use of its third and final relic ability. War Horse 110 1.5M


Level Description Image (Hue 2963) Taming Skill Exp
1 Frog: A newly hatched frog. I hope it can eat more than flies! Frog 50 0
2 Giant Toad: Now we're talking. Big toad means it can kill bigger enemies and make use of its first relic ability. Giant Toad 60 25K
3 Raptor: Your meta has evolved so you can now ride it! Watch out for the claws! Raptor 75 75K
4 Reptilian Pupa: Your meta gains in power... And is hungry for a second relic. Reptilian Pupa 90 250K
5 Hiryu: Your meta gains in power... Hiryu 100 750K
6 Reptalon: This is the final form of your reptile meta steed. This powerful ally can now make use of its third and final relic ability. Reptalon 110 1.5M

Meta Spider

Unlike other Meta Pets, the Meta Spider is purchased from the Unique Wares Vendor near West Britain bank:

Unique Wares Vendor

It can be purchased at a cost of 10 million gold. Each relic will cost 50,000 gold and must be strengthened with powerscrolls.​


Meta Spiders are hued by request by GameMasters The following hues are possible:

  • 1935, 2727, 1938, 1461, 1366, 1955, 1920, 2949, 1175

Meta Relics

You man apply one relic at levels 2, 4, 6, 7 for a total off four relics on a Level 7 pet.

Meta dragon and steed relics can also be used instead of power scrolls to charge the spider relics. Each dragon or steed relic is worth 10 power scrolls.

  • Brood
Summons smaller spiders to fight alongside your pet. As it levels the number of summoned spiders increases. Requires 150 power scrolls.
  • Carapace
Increases the spider's armor for a duration and refreshes its stamina. Requires 200 power scrolls.
  • Dessicate [sic]
Similar to bloody talons for Meta Dragon and Meta Steed but it does not have a fixed amount of damage. Every tick varies, this can be lower than talons, but also much higher. It also heals the spider for 50% of the damage dealt. Requires 200 power scrolls.
  • Necrosis
Provides a similar effect to Meta Dragon's molten relic except the damage is a circular range. Requires 200 power scrolls.


Level Description Image Taming Skill Exp
1 Spider Hatchling: Doesn't look much like a spider? Don't tell it that! Spider Hatchling 50 0
2 Spiderling: That's a spider! Although small, he can eat a lot, including his first relic! Spiderling 60 25K
3 Nymphal Instar: Your meta spider gains in power... Nymphal Instar 85 75K
4 Spider Pupae: Your meta spider gains in power... And demands a second relic. Spider Pupae 90 250K
5 Molting Spider: Your meta spider gains in power... Molting Spider 100 750K
6 Mature Spider: Your meta spider gains in power... And demands a third relic. Mature Spider 110 1.5M
7 Ancient Spider: This is the final form of the meta spider. You do not want to be caught in a dark room with this. A fourth relic can now be applied. In rare cases, the Ancient Spider may take the form of a wolf spider as seen at Level 2. Ancient Spider 120 3M