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The Militia system was introduced in October 2017 to replace Factions. The system's code was completely rewritten as the overly complex nature of Factions severely restricted the developers abilities to expand and enhance Factions. You must be in a guild to join the guild's militia.

Joining / Leaving

To join your guild's militia, open the Guild menu and select the Militia button and then click Join! There will be a small amount of skill loss for two minutes when you first join a militia. As the number of players in a guild's militia is capped at 30, there is also an option for guild leaders to kick you from the militia.

You can leave a militia through the same menu but note that there is a delay before you leave and you will not be able to re-join any militia for 12 hours.

Finding your foes

To track down enemy militia that are nearby, speak the phrase "I seek my enemies".

Bounty Points

Bounty points can be earned by:

  • Killing enemy militia members
  • Holding special Capture Points around the lands.


As a militia member, you will be able to use your hard-earned militia points to:

  • Create special shrouded robes from a menu with a variety of hues
  • Temporarily Sanctify (bless) weapons
  • Ressurect Pets with no skill loss

Passive benefits of being a militia member include:

  • Notification of capture points being assaulted
  • Notification of murders (Approximate locations provided)

Capture Points

There are a number of capture points dotted around the lands of UOForever which provide a variety of benefits to your guild and militia. These include:

  • Reagents Capture Point - Reduce the cost of purchasing reagents
  • Gruesome Capture Point -
  • Champion Score Capture Point - Increases points earned when participating at Champion Spawns