Monster Contracts

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Monster Contracts are monster hunting tasks assigned to you in exchange for a monster statuette. Some of the contracts will require you to kill tough creatures. If you are new to the server, you may be best off trading these tougher contracts to other players. Completing the contract will give you a random reward.

To obtain a contract, find Heracles the Hunter near West Britain bridge and double click him, then target a statue in your pack (it will consume the statue!) and he will present you with a contact to fulfill. There are no limits on contracts and you can get as many as you wish.

After you kill a monster you open the contract and press the "Add Corpse" button to claim it. You will get a target cursor to target the corpse. You can only add corpses of the monsters you personally kill. When you add the corpse, the corpse is immediately removed so loot beforehand.

Once a contract is given, you have 7 days to fulfill it. If you cannot complete the task then the contract will be voided. Once the contract is completed, double click Heracles and target the completed contract to receive your reward.


  • Fletching powerscrolls 105 - 120: The only source in the game for Fletching powerscrolls!
  • Bloody Explosion Relic: An aesthetic relic that can be applied to Meta Talismans.
  • Character Statue Maker
  • Level 7 Treasure Map:
  • Mounted Pixie
  • Flag of Domination
  • Gold