Naval Warfare Reborn

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In January 2015 Ultima Online Forever released a new expansion changing the sea content dramatically. Sailing in Ultima Online has never been more exciting, profitable or dangerous. A series of new Ships such as Galleons were added, which have immense firing power, and Cannons were added to the existing dragon ships. These Galleons are now craftable with resources that are highly sought after and obtained in deep sea through Fishing as well as old resources such as Ingots or Logs.

The movement and control systems have been changed, sailing in a boat is now "Smooth" and fluid as it coasts across the waters. Additionally, piloting a ship is now much easier as it can be 100% controlled with the mouse similar to running on a horse when on land.

Many items were also added in the expansion, such as Ship Upgrades, usable ship objects like Cannon Balls and Ship Repair Kits and much more, see the list below.

New Items and Features

Movement & Control

  • Smooth Movement: Boats now move gracefully across the ocean and no longer jump from tile to tile.
  • Mouse Controlled Movement: You can now take control of the ship and move it with your mouse. See Ship Commands

Items & Ships




Whirlpools were added in the Naval Warfare Reborn expansion, these Whirlpools can be located by paying an NPC 10,000 gold pieces to tell you the location of Whirlpools when they occur. This only needs to be done once. Whirlpools occur often and people fight for their rewards. Fishing is required to pull reward from the Whirlpools and you not only have to worry about other pirates, but the monsters that dwell within. See Ship Upgrades

Whirlpool Rewards

Mechanic Changes

  • Planks have been removed from ships. You now Embark / Disembark from the ship. See Ship Commands
  • You can no longer control a ship while dead.
  • You may now add "Friends" such as deckhands or officers to your ship. See Ships
  • Smooth Movement has been added to ships.
  • Boats are now controllable with the mouse. See Ship Commands
  • Boat keys have been removed and replaced with Ship Runes. See Ships
  • Other players may no longer control your boat, unless "friended". See Ships
  • Special Fishing Nets now also have the capability to capture pets from another boat and transfer them to your own. See Special Fishing Net

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