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A party is two or more players that have chosen to be part of the same group. Being in a party allows for useful things such as party tracking, split fame from killing creatures, party chat, the ability to loot each other and each others creatures and much more.

Creating a Party

Type /add and target the person you wish to add with the cursor that appears. or Single click on the person to obtain the menu, select 'add party member'

Joining a Party

Type /accept to join a party.

Leaving a Party

Type /quit or single click yourself and select the appropriate menu option.

Party Menu

The party menu can be accessed by the second scroll inside of your Paperdoll. Double clicking it will reveal a menu allowing you to perform certain party actions, such as kicking.

Each party member has a red and green dot to heal or cure them by clicking in the button (assuming you have a spell that does this).

Party Tracking

Using client programs such as Razor, UOSteam or Sallos will give you mini maps that have the ability to track and locate party members. See the appropriate pages on how to use this function.