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Player Killing, Player Killers, PKs, murderers, reds. They have many different names but they have just one goal - Killing innocent players! Player Killing is one of the many features that makes Ultima Online an exciting game to play, even 20 years on.

Becoming a PK

Attacking an blue/innocent player is an attempted murder. If the target dies before the criminal flag timer ends, the attacker is guilty of player killing, regardless of whether he actually struck the killing blow. The victim character can choose to report the player killers. You may see your kill count by saying "I must consider my sins" in game. Once a murderer has 5 or more long term murder counts, they will be flagged as a red.

Murder Counts

Long term counts take approximately 24 hours per 1 count of IN GAME time to decay. This is based off of the last count you received.

Entering Town

Reds can enter any town here. They will not be guard-hacked if red in any town however there are limitations. They can not attack anyone in town unless they are originally flagged. Any criminal act in towns can cause the guards to pop. If a red is flagged by another player that player will appear gray to them so they may participate in regular combat that way. Also any red in factions or warring guilds can fight in town as normal however reds are susceptible to being attacked by other blues not in warring factions/guilds.