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Rare items, most commonly decorative, come in various forms in Ultima Online Forever:

  1. Monster Drop Rares: Some dropping from specific monsters, some having a chance to drop from any monster
  2. Event Rares: Specially created rares which will drop during an event
  3. Stealable Rares: Classic UO rares that spawn regularly

The information provided here is by no means exhaustive. If you find a curious item, you are best advised to stash it away and ask the wise wizards on the UOF Forums or Discord if the item is truly a rare.

Monster Drop Rares

A large number of rares can drop from any monster in the land. An example of these items is provided to the right. It is unknown at this stage if any of the shown items are limited to dropping only from specific monsters.

Prior to the release of the rares detailed above, a number of other rares dropped and continue to drop from specific monsters:

Monster Specific Drops

Item Who Drops It?
Bear Mask Tribals
Black Dye Tub Ancient Lich, Lich
Blood Red Sandals Blood Elemental, Demons
Bone Container Tentacles
Charcoal Sandals Ancient Lich, Lich Lord
Deer Mask Tribals
Demon Bone Armor Efreet
Decorative Suit of Golden Armor Mushu (Destard 3 rare spawn)
Dirty Pan Spider Queen
Dragon Bone Shard Ancient Wyrm, Shadow Wyrm, Dragons, Drakes
Dragon Head (Brown and red) Dragon Hunter, Wyrms, Dragons
Glacial Staff Giant Ice Serpent, Ice Snake
Ice Staff White Drake
Ice White Sandals Balron
Ice White Sash Balron
Intact Wyrm Heart Ancient Wyrm, Shadow Wyrm
Mouldy Cheese Undead Rat
Obsidian Statue Section Pyroclastic Elemental
Orc Mask (Green) Orcish Mage, Orc Dungeon Floor
Orc Mask (Shadow) Orcish Mage
Picnic Basket Solen Hive Monsters (Under Bucanneer's Den)
Pure White Bear Mask Ice Fiend, White Wyrm
Raw Gun Powder Pirates (Pirate City), Deceit Witches
Tribal Masks Tribals
Troll Head Trophy Troll
Volcanic Rock Pyroclastic Elemental


Item Who Drops It?
Ancient Armor Cultists of Khaldun
Chains Slaves
Cultist Body Paint Cultist of Khaldun
Bloody Bandage Blood Demons, Undead Knight
Glowing Runes All Khaldun Mobs, Gargoyle Alchemist
Red Spellbook Khal'nga (Khaldun Bone Lord Boss)


All animals and monsters in the lands have a chance to drop a small statue version of itself. These will most commonly be in the same normal hue as the monster itself but on occasion the statues will have a rarer hue. During a Holiday Monsters period, they may take on the hue of the holiday monster. Other known rare hues are pure white, paragon, fallon and blaze.

One of the most impressive statue collections belongs to Decoy. His statue filled keep can be found on the west side of Ice Island:


Event Rares


Stealable Rares