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Ultima Online Forever has been living and growing for FIVE years now, while constantly working hard to not only set but keep raising the bar for the entire Ultima community. With the largest player base and community in the world for more than three quarters of our life span (rated). Ultima Online Forever has hands down become the top choice for every type of player, age status and gamer type.

Ultima Online Forever is consistently looking for new ways to develop, design, service, and market itself for the greater good and longevity of not only the game, but its family-like community. With a full time paid staff, mixed with the obvious self investments that are put back into the community, those who support us quickly see that their support is not only vastly appreciated, but invested back into the server heavily- Ultima Online Forever has become what most would say "a last final breath of UO".

With over 19,000 forum members, 3700+ Facebook members, 500+ unique daily discord users, constant twitch streamers and non stop, around the clock action; be it Player vs Monster or Player vs Player. Ultima Online Forever is not a casual hobby. It's serious business. Because those who invest in us, see something worth investing in. Join us!