Slayer Armor

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General Information

Slayer armor will reduce hit and spell damage by 50% as well as grant 75% spell poison resist chance. The chance of getting this bonus is scaled by the number of slayer pieces you have for that particular foe (e.g. if you have 2 pieces out of 6, then you only have a 33% chance of getting this 50% damage reduction. When you are hit by the corresponding slayer monster, a flash/sound occurs on your character, similar to using a slayer weapon.

How do I make it?

Thanks to the knowledgeable researcher Blaine the Gypsy, we have the following information...

Slayer armor can be created by placing glowing runes in a specific order inside a Crystal Workbench. Note: There are two types of Crystal Workbench. A freshly crafted one which cannot apply Silver recipe ("nechra"). You will need to contact a Game Master using the Help menu to get the workbench patched.

A Gargoyle Alchemist will drop recipes that will tell you what order the glowing runes should be placed in. The Gargoyle Alchemist and other gargoyle kin will also have a chance to drop glowing runes. Glowing runes can also be obtained from Monsters in a Random Dungeon Adventure.

Each glowing rune represents a letter from the gargoyle alphabet and using the recipes described above will tell you what order you should put the glowing runes inside the Crystal Workbench.

After the glowing runes have been placed in the correct order inside the Crystal Workbench, hit the 'imbue' button and click a piece of armor. You can imbue ANY existing armor (excluding blessed pieces) with a slayer property so it is best to imbue the best possible pieces of armor.

Glowing Rune Reliquary

To make it easier to collect and pick out the appropriate runes, you can purchase a Glowing Rune Reliquary from Sasha the Unique Wares Vendor near West Britain Bank. It costs 250,000 gold pieces and holds up to 50 of each rune. A real time saver!

The chest has to be locked down in your house to be used. You can drop runes on it individually or drop a bag of runes on it and it will scoop them up and sort them for you. When you double-click the chest, you will be presented with a menu showing you how many of each rune you have. Each entry has an arrow next to it to allow you to take out one rune.

Known Recipes

Powerword = Translation

  • shu = Blood Drinking
  • nra = Snake Bane
  • klech = Ogre Thrashing
  • muta = Terathan
  • gle = Scorpion Bane
  • zhajd = Demon Dismissal
  • mar = Fey Slayer
  • dir = Troll Slayer
  • nge = Spiders Death
  • chez = Gargoyles Foe
  • ti = Water Dissipation
  • vang = Balron Damnation
  • bakr = Exorcism
  • nechra = Silver (Warning: To use this, you will first need to make sure you have a patched Crystal Workbench. Check with a GM first!)
  • fihla =Arachnid Doom
  • kligle = Repond
  • nga = Lizardman Slayer
  • punt = Reptilian Slayer
  • fa = Vacuum
  • nganl = Dragon Slayer
  • kihl = Ophidian Slayer
  • gash = Elemental Ban
  • ba = Flame Dousing
  • pnl = Elemental Health
  • zhu = Earth Shatter
  • mi = Summer Wind
  • ves = Orc Slayer

Double Slayer

Now lets say you're going to your super secret farming spot that no PKs know about but the only problem is there are different types of Monsters there. No problem! You can put 2 slayer properties on ONE piece of armor! Check it out: