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The Tailoring skill allows players to create Clothing, Leather armors and even bone armors. In the Naval Warfare Reborn expansion, a few items were added to the tailoring skill to upgrade Ships as well as materials to use with ships.

There is a special collection of Bulk Order Deeds available for Tailors to fill out. Returning these provides specially colored cloth and other items as rewards. For higher level players, Power Scrolls and Runic Sewing Kits may be earned.

Power Scrolls and Skill Scrolls are available for this skill.


By double clicking the Sewing Kit you get to the Tailoring menu where you can select the clothing or armor you want to make, view the success chance, ingredients needed, and minimal tailoring skill to attempt making the item. If you have below the level needed, it will tell you that you’re not skilled enough to try. After you make clothing it can be cut up with scissors or dyed with a dye tub.

How to Train

Cloth or bolts of cloth can be purchased from the tailor shops in large quantities.

Cutting up your clothes will save you a bit of cloth and trips to the Tailor.

Training Tailoring
0-50 Purchase from NPC
45-55 Cloaks
55-75 Robes
75-99.6 Oil Cloths
99.6-100 Studded Tunics
100-120 Skill Scrolls or Studded Tunics

Leather Types

There are 4 types of leathers that can be collected from various monsters or animals which can be used at different skill levels in order to create armor and footwear with additional bonuses:

Name Required Skill Found
Normal Leather 0 Most animals, Cows, Bulls, Deer and Great Hart are great for these hides.
Spined Leather 65 Centaurs, Giant Serpents
Horned Leather 80 Drakes, Wyverns, Sea Serpents
Barbed Leather 99 The Toughest Monsters such as Dragons, Greater Dragons, and Ancient Wyrms

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