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When entering the server for the first time, a player is granted the Young Player Status. This status grants special permissions and offers some leeway while you learn the game and it's mechanics. They are also aided by Companions during their journey. You may cancel your young player status at any time by typing "I renounce my young player status".


  • Young players have the [Young] tag in their name.
  • Access to the Young Player Dungeon.
  • Cannot be Poisoned
  • Your possessions will not drop when you die.
  • Able to participate in the Young Player Quest in the Young Player Dungeon
  • You are protected from aggressive actions and cannot steal from other players.
  • Monsters will not take aggressive action against you unless provoked.
  • Able to teleport to Britain and the Young Player Dungeon.
  • Able to page Companions in game to help them with questions.
  • Young Players are offered to join the NEW player guild when joining the server.

Starting Items

  • Young Player Ticket
  • 500 Gold
  • 50 of each Reagent
  • Leather suit of Armor


  • Young Players cannot loot monsters they did not kill.
  • Young Players may not participate in IDOCs.