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  • The entrance is located under Marble Island. You can get to the island by boat but you may be best off visiting your local rune library for a rune!
  • Creatures are closely bunched together throughout, watch your back!

Level 1


  • Skeletal dragon, hell hound, gargoyle destroyer, wratith, arcane daemon, nightmare, spectre, undead executioner, lich, scorching gargoyle, blistering gargoyle, zombie, chaos daemon, balron, stone gargoyle, ratman, ratman mage, ratman archer, imp, lich lord, mummy, rotting corpse, moloch, skeletal mage, blood daemon, blood elemental, blood vortex, shadow wyrm, betrayer, skeletal knight, bogle, evil mage, ancient wyrm, gargoyle enforcer, witch, ancient lich, warlock

Level 2a - Elemental Land

  • Entrance marked by point 1 on the Level 1 Map below.


  • Fire elemental, magma elemental, golden elemental, shadow wyrm, greater mongbat, poison elemental, toxic water elemental, air elemental, earth elemental, wisps, pyroclastic elemental, valorite elemental, verite elemental, dull copper elemental, agapite elemental, bronze elemental, nightmare, shadow iron elemental, drake, iron elemental, dragon, greater dragon

Level 2b - Serpentine Passage

  • Entrance marked by point 2 on the Level 1 Map below.


  • Fairies, wisp, centaur, serpentine dragon