Booty Island Dungeon

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  • The entrance is located on a small island off Booty Island. You can get to the island by boat but you may be best off visiting your local rune library for a rune!
  • Creatures are closely bunched together throughout, watch your back!

Level 1


  • Skeleton, skeletal knight, amazon scout, amazon warrioress, amazon protector, wolf spider, dread spider, tiny spider, abnormal dread spider, ghost spider, araneae the spider queen, toxic elemental, poison elemental, toxic air elemental, bone mage, spectre, wraith, lich, lich lord, rai-ju, bone daemon, beast of the amazon, amazon priestess

Level 1a - Secret Swamp


  • Booty snake, booty slime, toxic elemental, cursed amazon, amazon priestess, amazon protector, lady efia the amazon queen, amazon queen's pet drakes

Level 2


  • Amazon priestess, kappa, petrified kappa, cursed amazon, ghoul, petrified troglodyte, juka mage, juka lord, juka warrior, medusa's minion, bone knight, petrified lich, petrified daemon, zombie, mummy, wraith, skeleton, bone daemon, petrified bone daemon

Level 3

  • Accessed by entering Medusa's mouth by the Entrance area of Level 2


  • Skeletal mage, medusa's minion, skeletal knight, lich, wraith