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Dungeon Bosses, not to be confused with Champ Spawn bosses, are a unique PvM feature of UO Forever. They can be found in several of the classic dungeon and each one has different mechanics and special rewards.


A few of the bosses are summoned by empowering Dungeon Altars with 50 crystals. These crystals have a chance to drop on creatures in the dungeon. To charge an altar with a crystal, double click the altar and target the crystal. You can also target your backpack or sub packs within your backpack and it will search for all valid crystals. The dungeon crystals will spawn on all mobs at death on a 5% chance. They will only spawn if a dungeon altar is placed in that specific dungeon region and will decay after 24 hours.

All dungeon altars have a chance to award a Meta Talisman relic. To be eligible for a chance at the relic, you must contribute crystals the altar. At the end of the boss fight, there is a 25% chance that someone who contributed will receive a relic straight to their bank. You do not need to be alive or in range of the boss/altar for this to happen. The more crystals you contribute, the greater chance you have to win the relic if it drops. If you contribute all 50, you will have that 25% chance of receiving a relic. If you contribute just one crystal, you will have a 0.5% chance.


The following details were provided by lore master Adam and bold dungeon hunters Ariakan and Messremb.

Arch Demon

Arch Demon
  • Dungeon: Wrong
  • Summoned: By waiting! He will spawn in a small room in Wrong every 4-5 hours after he was last killed, along with three tentacles of the Harrower. The room can be accessed by teleporter in the North East corner of Wrong Level 1.
  • Special Abilities:
  1. Summoning Wards: This will summon a group of elemental wards that will attack players at intervals, these wards operate will target the persons who was closest to them for the longest amount of time. Lightning will occasionally strike the wards. If you are on top of a ward when this happens, you will be instantly killed. The four wards are:
    1. Fire ward: deals initial 10 damage and 2 damage ticks every second for 30ish seconds.
    2. Ice ward: deals initial 10 damage and freezes the player randomly for 30ish seconds.
    3. Lightning ward: deals 20 damage.
    4. Poison ward (watch out for this one): poisons a character with lethal poison and will reapply for 30 seconds, however every time a player cures the damage done is decreased by one poison level. ​
  2. Demon Fire: This is the demon fire attack, it creates a slow moving fire that follows a player, and kills them instantly if it hits them. This attack works on line of sight. Break the line of sight by running to the other side of the room, or into one of the small rooms and it will stop following you. It only targets players who are more than one tile away from the boss. If you cross the path of someone else's demon fire, you will take around 15 damage.
  3. Spewing Blood: This will fire an area of effect attack at a player, it will create a semi circle around the arch demon hitting everyone in the semi circle. Three waves of this attack are sent out, each dealing approximately 30 damage. This attack can be avoided by moving in and out of range of the boss. This will not guarantee that you will be avoid being damage but it limits the chance of getting hit. This attack only hits players more than 1 tile away. If you are very close when the attack is launched, all three waves of blood will hit you and you will be instantly killed.
  4. Ominous Object: Begins summoning an ominous looking object. This is a slow moving area of effect attack that hits a small circle all around the Boss, it deals massive damage killing anyone it hits. This attack is easy to avoid simply stand more than 8 or 9 tiles away.
  • Loot (Must score at least 1 damage point):
    • Meta Talismans Relic: Unlike the altar charged bosses, this has a chance to drop in your backpack rather than your bank. Watch out for thieves and player killers!
    • Power Scroll


  • Dungeon: Destard
  • Summoned: By empowering the altar which is at the North West corner of Destard Level 1. It is filled with red crystals from the monsters in that dungeon.
  • Special Abilities:
  1. Flame Spew: A 180° frontal flame breath attack. Leaves flames on the ground that last for 1 minute. Each flame will tick for 5 damage per second you stand on it. Casting wall of stone can block the attack (if you cast it fast enough after the emote). Fafnir will emote *Flames begint to spew from Fafnir's mouth* prior to casting this ability.
  2. Crucible: An instant death spell. It impacts all creatures and players in a 12 tile radius. It has a very long cast time. About 10 seconds from the time he emotes. This should be plenty of time to get you and your pets out of the ability. Each player or pet that is caught in the crucible will die and spawn a magma elemental. Fafnir will emote *Begins casting Crucible* when he used the ability.
  3. Wing Vacuum: Fafnir flaps his wings, creating a vacuum which will draw all creatures and players in a 10 tile radius towards him. This ability will dismount you, stun you and drag you closer to Fafnir every second. It ticks for 10 seconds, with each second drawing you closer and damaging you. Fafnir will emote *Begins flapping its wings to draw its prey in closer* when he used this ability.
  • Loot (Must score at least 1000 points):
    • Meta Talismans Relic: This has a chance to drop in the bank of those who put in crystals.
    • Power Scroll
    • Sigurd's Shield: This shield is a common drop from the boss. It 100 charges which are used to block Fafnir's flame based attacks. Each blocked attack will use a charge.
    • Title Scroll: Dragonbane. Awarded to the highest damager on Fafnir. Drops 100% of the time.
    • Fafnir's Head: Special text reads - The stuffed and mounted head of the legendary dragon, Fafnir. Uncommon drop.
    • Sigurd's Armor: A piece of armor belonging to the legendary dragonslayer, Sigurd. Very rare drop. Comes in the form of: Chain leggings, Chain chest, Plate gloves, Dragon gorget and Dragon helm. Special text reads - An old piece of armor said to belong to the dragonslayer Sigurd.
    • Balmung Sword: Does the crucible visual effect when equipped. Uber rare drop. Special text reads - A legendary sword which is said to contain the essences of one thousand slain dragons.


  • Dungeon: Covetous 5
  • Summoned: By empowering the altar which is on top of the temple. It is filled with purple crystals from the monsters on that dungeon level only.
  • Special Abilities: Brave warriors and scholerly folks are currently confirming this.
  • Loot (Must score at least 300 points):
    • Meta Talismans Relic: This has a chance to drop in the bank of those who put in crystals.
    • Power Scroll
    • Meta Pet Relic
    • Meta Dragon Egg: If it drops, it will appear on the ground under the top level of the temple.

Adramalech - The Wretched King

  • Dungeon: Hythloth
  • Summoned: By empowering the altar which sits in a room on the east side of the Level 1. It is filled with green crystals from the monsters in that dungeon.
  • Special Abilities: Aside from casting regular offensive Magery spells, Adramalech also has several tricks up his sleeve...
  1. Entropic Assault: A barrage of green and blue fireballs that drops anyone in range down to a low health. Be prepared to cross-heal your fellow warriors.
  2. Summon Death: Summons the pale rider himself! Death moves fast and hits hard but is easily distracted and lured by a hidden character.
  3. Summoning Ritual: Casts several demonic pentagrams on the floor. Stepping on these causes small ticks of damage but at a fast rate. Best navigated around!
  4. Mark of the Beast: A large fiery area of effect attack that melts anything in its reach.
  • Loot:
    • Meta Talismans Relic: This has a chance to drop in the bank of those who put in crystals.
    • Title Scroll: Kingslayer.
    • Power Scroll


  • Dungeon: Ankh. He was originally located in Covetous but decided to relocate to a more suitable location.
  • Summoned: By killing the Evil Mages that spawn in Ankh. With every respawn there is a chance that the Warlock will appear. Note: Brave warriors are confirming whether this is still true after the Warlock's sudden relocation to Ankh.
  • Special Abilities: Brave warriors and scholerly folks are currently confirming this. It is known that the Warlock has a very high level of Magery.
  • Loot (Must score at least 700 points):
    • Power Scroll
    • Meta Pet Relic
    • Cracked Crystal Ball