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An example of Phase Shift ability (Click to see)


The Meta Talisman is a wearable item obtained by completing a quest line which begins at a mysterious Ancient Statue of Power near Valor Shrine. The Meta Talisman gives warrior, archer, and mage style players special abilities as their talisman levels. Each talisman has a passive property and active abilities that are obtainable through relics. The talisman levels up as you kill creatures and the abilities of your talisman become stronger.

With these bonuses come some limitations:

  • The talisman cannot be equipped by any character with greater than 50 musicianship or greater than 50 taming.
  • Upon equipping a talisman there is a fifteen minute cool down before the skills or bonuses become active. To avoid this cool down, you can return to the Ancient Statue of Power and speak the words "I wish to pay tribute" which will take 10,000 gold pieces from your bank.
  • There are armor and distance restrictions for each type. This are detailed further below for each type of talisman.
  • The talisman skills and bonuses are not applicable against other players or pets.
  • Talisman experience and relic ability gains are not possible in houses or on boats. A message will appear saying "You feel and icy chill as your talisman drains of some of its power". Monsters on boats will also not give gains.
  • There is a maximum experience amount per creature that can be awarded to a given talisman. The bigger the creature, the greater the experience!

The experience required per level is:

  1. 20,000
  2. 32,000
  3. 48,000
  4. 64,000
  5. 80,000
  6. 96,000
  7. 112,000
  8. 128,000
  9. 144,000
  • Total: 724,000 XP​

Relics and Abilities

Abilities are applied to the talisman by finding relics at events, dungeon bosses, monster of the month spawns and at the Arch Demon boss. Each talisman has a maximum of four relic slots and an aesthetic relic slot. The aesthetic slot is usable at any time and you get relic slots at levels: 1, 4, 7, 10.

Example Relic

There are currently four unique relics for each type of talisman which are detailed further below. Each relic has ten levels and leveling may lower the skill cooldown, raise the chance to activate, or provide other ability specific bonuses. These abilities typically have a random chance to activate on damage and a cooldown to only allow them to be activated at certain intervals.

To add a relic to your talisman, double click the relic and then select your talisman. Be sure to stand in a safe place while doing this as relics can be stolen!

To remove a relic, double click your Meta Talisman and then click on the [ - ] symbol next to the relic you wish to remove. Do so with caution, however, as the relic is then gone forever. This option is to allow one relic to be removed so another can take its place.

Note that you will have to be quite lucky for all your talisman's relics drop for you. You may need to frequent the Buying and Selling forums to find your relics. Keep in mind that certain relics are more popular than others and can therefore be expensive to purchase. Being part of a larger guild can also provide a useful avenue for getting relics at a reduced rate.

Idol of the Magi

The Idol of the Magi, informally known as Meta Mage, provides a spell damage bonuses and mana cost reduction for offensive spells against creatures. The ten levels of the talisman average a 20% bonus per level. The mana cost reduction is calculated by the talisman level, number of relics applied, and spirit speak.


While levelling, your talisman experience gains are reduced if you are wearing armor. The penalty is 1.6% per AR. There is however no range penalty for Meta Mages. You can therefore stand at a safe distance while firing your lightning bolts at those big ugly creatures!

Spirit Speak

Spirit Speak reduces the cost of spells. With the talisman at level 10 with four relics applied an energy bolt will cost as little as 10 mana with 100 Spirit Speak, 14 mana with 50 Spirit Speak and 16 mana with 0 Spirit Speak.


Dispersion provides a chance for spell damage to be dispersed to nearby enemies. There is a 10% chance for an offensive spell to damage level-dependent number of creatures within a 3 tile radius. At level one, the damage can disperse onto one additional creature and the cool down is 60 seconds. At level ten, the damage can spread to up to ten additional creatures and the cool down is 45 seconds.
Focus provides a chance for increased spell damage. Spell damage can do (Focus Level / 20) additional damage to the target creature. For example, at level 1, this would be 0.05% (1/20) additional damage. An offensive spell that hits for 100 will therefore generate an additional 5 damage, shown as a separate damage number. In the same scenario, at level 10, focus can generate an additional 50 spell damage. The cool down at level 1 is 60 seconds.
Shadow Disciple
Shadow Disciple provides a chance to return some mana and temporarily lower the resist of creatures that are casted upon. Mana recovery is calculated by: (damage * (10.0 + (Level * 2.0)) / 100.0). The resist of the target is modified by: resist * (1.0 - (((Level * 2) + 10.0) / 100.0)).
Vivify provides a chance to enhance the skills and stats of an 8th circle creature summon. This applies to summoned daemons and elementals but not to energy vortexes or blade spirits. At level 1, vivify can be triggered every 60 seconds there is a 60% chance to summon an enhanced creature. Stats for the creature are scaled by 1.0 + (Level / 35.0) and skills are scaled by 1.0 + (Level / 20.0). Any creature that receives the bonus is given a new metallic hue.

Tips, Tricks and Templates

When completing the initial quest line, you may want to consider switching your character to a warrior or tank mage to complete killing the 100 evil creatures. Alternatively, make use of slayer spell books to kill the evil creatures as a pure mage but note that this can be somewhat laborious as you cannot use summons to help you.

The Meta Mage is arguably the most laborious of all the talisman. You should therefore make best use of all things that improve levelling efficiency:

  • Don't wear any or very minimal armor. Leather bought from NPCs with slayer properties applied will provide the best balance for damage mitigation and experience gains.
  • Level up Spirit Speak to 100 for spell cost reduction.
  • Use Slayer Spell books to increase spell damage and therefore experience gains but be aware that at higher levels when you start dishing out some serious damage and killing monsters quickly, you may be better off using weaker spells or dropping the slayer spellbook to eek out the maximum possible experience per monsters. Note: Unlike normal spellbooks, crafted slayer spell can be stolen.
  • Apply the Shadow Disciple relic first as it provides both increased damage and returns mana.
  • Kill the biggest creatures you can find. If you are struggling, ask a friendly tamer or bard if you can follow them around and cast spells on the creatures they are killing.

Common templates are:

  • Magery, Evaluating Intelligence, Healing, Anatomy, Spirit Speak, Meditation, Resisting Spells - This provides defensive wresting through Evaluating Intelligence and Anatomy, allows bandages to be used to heal and therefore save mana and Spirit Speak to conserve mana. Resisting Spells is useful to mitigate interruptions from poisons and paralyze spells.
  • Magery, Evaluating Intelligence, Spirit Speak, Wrestling, Inscription, Meditation, Resisting Spells - Inscription lets you craft your own slayer spell books and number of spells that can be reflected with the Magic Reflection spell.

Phylactery of Resilience

Defencetali.pngThe Phylactery of Resilience, informally known as the Defence Talisman, offers increased protection from melee and magical damage from creatures. There are ten levels of the talisman and on average you gain 5% protection per level.


You gain experience with this talisman by doing damage to creatures. The amount you gain is penalized by wearing too little armor. To ensure maximum experience gains, keep your armor at or above 80. The amount of experience gained is also affected by distance from the creature. The penalty is 20% for each tile beyond 1.5. Stay close, be well armored and crush those evil creatures!

Arms Lore

The wielder of an active Phylactery of Resilience or Totem of the Berserker with 100 Arms Lore and 100 Weapon Skill receives an increased Minimum Hit Chance. You will only get this increase if you are wielding a weapon relevant to your chosen Weapon Skill. For example, against a creature with 100 wrestling, a normal warrior with 100 Swordsmanship wielding a katana has a 50% chance to hit the creature. With the talisman and 100 Arms Lore, this increases to ~63%. Note, however, that this does not raise your Hit Chance by a flat amount it just raises it to ~63% if you are currently below that. If you intend to kill only lowly ogres and ettins, you can probably skip Arms Lore. If however you want to take on bigger monsters such as with 100 or greater wrestling, such as dungeon bosses, then consider fitting this into your template.


Leech provides the ability for the player to sap small amounts of health from nearby creature when damaged. The amount per creature is capped at the skill level and is a random value from 1 to relic level. The chance to activate and cool down are affected by gaining levels.
Quench provides a chance to resist fire breath. Once triggered it provides protection against fire breath for a period of time determined by the relic level. The duration lasts for (Level * 5) seconds. The cooldown decreases by 90 - (Level * 2).
Recoil provides a chance for melee damage done to a player to reflect back on the attacking creature. When it activates, it returns 2x base damage to the creature. There is a 25% chance to turn an opponent's attack onto him. At Level 1 it starts with a 30 second cooldown. With each level the cooldown reduces by 1 second, resulting in a 20 second cooldown at Level 10.
Remedy provides a chance to resist poison from a melee hit, such as a scorpion's sting, for a period of time determined by the relic level. There is a 25% chance to become immune to poison for (Level * 4) seconds. The cooldown decreases by 90 - (Level * 3).

Tips, Tricks and Templates

The defence talisman is the most casual to level, sitting comfortably between the fast, furious zerker and the laborious, cautious meta mage. While you may need to pay slightly less attention to your health bar than the other talismans, you can't completely disengage. Keep the following things in mind:

  • Keep your armor at or above 80 at all times. Regularly check armor damage as you will be taking some big blows from the level of creature you will be fighting. A character with blacksmith will come in handy for repairs or you will need to stock up on repair deeds.
  • Strongly consider including Parrying in your template to protect your armor and provide extra damage mitigation. This is particularly useful at lower levels.
  • Consider using a Swamp Dragon for even more damage mitigation.
  • If you can afford it, consider adding some slayer properties to your armor.
  • Quench and Remedy are best applied early on as they provide excellent protection and can take quite some time to level up.

A classic template is:

  • Weapon Skill, Parrying, Healing, Anatomy, Resisting Spells, Tactics and either:
    • Magery for overall utility. The ability to use Reactive Armor, Recall, Cure, Reflect, and Teleport are all very useful.
    • Arms Lore to increase your hit chance (Using runebooks loaded with recalls to travel around).

Totem of the Berserker

LeftThe Totem of the Berserker, informally known as the Berserker or Zerk Talisman, provides offensive damage bonuses for melee skills, including archery. There are ten levels of the talisman and on average you gain 5% damage per level.


The more armor you wear, the less experience you gain for damaging creatures at a rate of 1% per AR. As with the Defence Talisman, there is a distance penalty on experience gained of 20% per tile beyond 1.5 tiles.

Arms Lore

Arms Lore has the same effect Minimum Hit Chance increease for the Totem of the Berserker as it does for a Phylactery of Resilience Talisman. Further details are provided in the Phylactery of Resilience section.


Double Strike
When invoked the berserker will double swing on the creature. It does an instant swing following a normal swing provided you are within 5 tiles and starts with a 25% chance to activate with a 30 second cooldown. The damage is recalculated for the second strike so the damage number will almost certainly differ. Leveling this ability lowers the cooldown and increases the chance of activation.
Infected Wounds
If the user is carrying poison potions they have a chance to charge their weapon with poison and infect creatures with the consumed level of poison. As Infected Wounds levels up, the cool down is reduced and the number of infections available per potion is increased. This works with any weapon including two handed weapons such as axes and bows. The Poisoning skill gives a bonus to the number of infections per potion and also gives a chance for the poison to be upgraded one level higher, making lethal poison a possibility.
Phase Shift
Upon attacking a creature at range the berserker teleport attacks to the targeted creature. The cooldown starts at 60 seconds but has a guaranteed activation on attack. The target must reside on a tile that can be walked on and more than 7 tiles away. Originally, the ability received an additional phase jump for every other level gained for a maximum of 3 and each shift consumes 10 stamina but this was modified as it was teleporting players into some dangerous situations! Phase Shift now teleports to a single target. Each level lowers the cooldown. 100 Hiding and Stealth will provide 50% bonus damage when phase shifting while hidden.
The berserker can trample an enemy either on foot or while mounted. Full stamina is required and the weight of the character is taken into account. Carrying 300 stone is considered full weight and will provide maximum damage for your level. At level 10 the ability can provide up to a maximum of 300 damage. It has 100% chance to activate if the ability is available and the bersker's stamina is full.

Tips, Tricks and Templates

Buy refresh potions, lots and lots of refresh potions.

The Zerker talisman is fun and engaging to level. As long as you follow these basic rules, you should be able to quickly progress through the levels:

  • Like the Meta Mage and in keeping with your title, a berserker should wear little or no armor for maximum gains. Leather bought from NPCs with slayer properties applied will provide the best balance for damage mitigation and experience gains.
  • Unlike the Meta Mage, you do not have the luxury of standing at range and if you cannot afford a full set of slayer armor, you may need to resort to jousting.
  • As you may need to joust, Arms Lore is very useful for efficient levelling to provide a greater chance for a successful hit.
  • Definitely do not use a shield or parrying, your armor will be too high reducing your experience gains.
  • Use slayer weapons to ensure you get maximum damage.
  • Double Strike is the best relic to start with.
  • Use a Swamp Dragon to reduce damage taken.

There are many different ways to play a Zerker but here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Weapon Skill, Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, Resist, Arms Lore and either:
    • Magery for overall utility. The ability to use Reactive Armor, Recall, Cure, Reflect, and Teleport are all very useful
    • Lumberjacking for even more damage if you opt for Swordsmanship.
    • Hiding for a quick escape to avoid really nasty creatures (and players).

Quest Line

Be forewarned, the quest to obtain a Meta Talisman is not for the impatient, frugal or faint of heart! You may complete the quest multiple times on one character but you will only be able to wield one talisman at a time. A helpful video guide can be found | here.

To begin the multi-part quest you must travel just west of the Valor Shrine where there is a tall statue:

Talisman statue.png

1. Beginning the quest: Stepping in front of the statue and speaking out loud will offer a quest gump.

2. A dull stone: Accepting this quest will give you with a dull stone that must be empowered with Vanquishing weapons. The absorb a Vanquishing weapon into to the stone, double click it and target the weapon. The stone can only be charged with true instruments of war. Daggers, cleavers, knives and pitchforks cannot power it. After 30 Vanquishing weapons have been absorbed by the stone, you can return to the statue.

3. Evil creatures: Speaking to the statue again will empower the stone, opening the second part of the quest. You must now kill 100 "evil" creatures. These creatures must have a minimum fame level to be accepted by the stone. Creatures of this stature include Dragons, Drakes, Daemons, Ogre Lords, Lich Lords, Deep Earth Elementals, Orc Mine Overseers, Paragon Lichs etc. Note that you will have to kill these creatures by yourself. The level of "evilness" is determined by the monster's health points which must be 400 or higher. Some Deep Earth Elementals, for example, will be just below the required level of "evil" because they have less than 400 health points. Once you've killed those creatures and the stone is filled, return to the statue and speak again.

4. Daemon archlord: Now you have to kill the Daemon Archlord, also known as the Arch Demon, he is located in Wrong on level 3. You need only hit him once but you must be in the same room when the demon is killed to be rewarded with a vial of his blood. Use the stone on it on this vial to purify it and then return to the statue.

5. Choosing your talisman: Speak once more to the statue with your purified stone and you will be able to choose one of the three talismans. Choose wisely!