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    Light properly cycling and light sources

    I approve of your suggestion and would also like to see a day/night cycle implemented. Of course, it can be overridden with razor, but at least the function would exist as intended and, as you say, it gives the player the option. I was told once that it is possible to "force dark nights" on...
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    Q. Why do people leave the gold on corpses?

    Gold isn't what it used to be. I deal in bloodmoss these days.
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    Need help with Treasure Maps and treasure hunting

    Look out for a message change when you are in the 'mining zone' for a tmap. "You dig and dig but fail to find any treasure" changes to "You dig and dig but no treasure seems to be here".
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    A Dump on the Beach Tonight

    After skimming about half a million from my AFK fishing 'friend' to the south, he has finally changed the permissions on his little teleporter thingy. I really enjoyed the habit of sneaking into your house once a week and helping myself to your automated drop offs. However, I long ago took The...
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    Whole Series of Lunar-Driven Events

    Short Version: The two moons, Trammel and Felluca, should be in play. Use them to trigger periodic changes in-game. Long Version... Those familiar with UO lore might know of the two moons, Trammel and Felluca. At any moment on a shard, these two moons have a relative position. In ancient...
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    Graveyard Gold Sink

    My biggest fear for this server is too much gold in-game. (If stats were public, showing total-gold-on-server-over-time and daily influx, outflow, etc, or whatever, I believe we would witness a shocking trend - and a clear sign of need to dissipate gold). With this in mind, I want to offer...
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    Please let Architect NPCs Sell Deeds to Two Story Stone And Plaster Houses

    As long as it can be stolen (preferably by me!) I don't see a reason why not. I'm all for old-school alternatives whenever possible and all deeds should totally be available to purchase (and steal). Maybe that particular deed not-for-sale is just an oversight? Houses placed with the...
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    Public Container Access Level

    @Skrypt It's surely worth a try, don't you think? I have a sneaky feeling that the maximum added length to the savetime will be almost negligible. I believe it could be accommodated without issue, especially in this day and age. @eppy Might this be a worthy experiment on test server...
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    Public Container Access Level

    I want to hide a mil check somewhere. Perhaps the coinage instead.... I know its only pocket change nowadays but it might help some perceptive noob who actually bothers to click on things. Containers are wasted, unused, useless. Change this please. Give me, or some other random, a reason to...
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    Public Container Access Level

    A simple and harmless suggestion: Give players the choice to stash items in public containers at their own risk. They are currently useless and it's a bit of a waste. Alternatively, these currently useless containers could one day be given an opportunity to randomly spawn some contents? This...
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    Cost Gold to pop a spawn say 50k

    Got to do something... gold influx is off the charts. Major problem brewing IMO.
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    The quest for the blaze pack horse statue.

    I reckon you got a 1/1250 chance. Probably, that means there's a 50/50 chance you'll need to slaughter at least 2,500 packhorses. You won't see me doing that anytime soon. I wish you best of luck, and look forward to some results.
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    Suggestion: Extend housing decay

    So your house decayed. Worth quitting? Perhaps. Would respectfully advise you keep the game installed as you never know when you might relapse. Damn this game! (Also, install it on the other laptop, because never know when your business trip will be extended :P ) At least you'll have...
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    PC IDOC Loot

    You should be able to ask 300k for that barrel.
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    PC on Lots of Stealables, Rares

    With all the gold swashing around you'll fetch substantial prices for most of those. Would recommend prices starting at ~200k minimum. EDIT::::: except the toolkit.