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    WTB Furniture dye tub

    or I suppose if you have the dono for one I'll buy that too
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    A Request For More CTF/Invasion Events

    Is there even a schedule to events like ctf or tourneys? Or are they just random? I like to practice my pvp in those conditions instead of in a dungeon but I never seem to be online when they go down
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    double strike good?

    Omfg. That's a lot of earth elementals
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    double strike good?

    So what's the price range of double strike and or tread relics? I'm only a thousandaire and I see posts of people selling but they always say 'contact me in pm'. I'm not about to message someone to find out it's millions
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    Guide: Resource/Mod Default Prices

    Think I've seen them go for upwards of 40 a pop recently. I posed this same question not long ago and the verdict seems to be that most of it is accurate.
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    Sallos Update

    Worked like a charm. I play on both steam and sallos now. A shame really, that I went through all that trouble only to be bluntly reminded that I'm garbage at this game. I'll have to wait for sallos until my hotkey game is stronger. Thanks for the help drasked. Should anyone stumble across...
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    WTS MoTM Spellbook

    Got 2. 100k per
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    Sallos Update

    drasked, you have answered so many of my questions i have posed to the forums relating to almost anything concerning Uo. you are a fucking gentleman and a scholar. for me to better understand though, the client I need to run steam, should it be an older client? or the one that contains the .uop...
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    using steam and sallos

    i posted this on another thread, but I am going to ask here as well. These threads seem to be dated so I am not sure if fixes I am finding are out dated or what. I am trying to use both steam and sallos. steam for crafting and sallos for everything else. my problem is steam isnt working. I...
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    Sallos Update

    Also, I wanted to keep steam for my crafting character. That won't even open now. Something about cannot find font.mul. Does this problem seem familiar to anyone? Help appreciated
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    Sallos Update

    i finally got sallos to work. Only now when I run around, it appears I am accompanied by an ogre. I know it's because of my talisman. I know there is a fix for it. Only problem is I downloaded that file, put it into sallos, and it still persists. Am I supposed to add it to the client folder...
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    The Meta Dexxer's Lounge and Beard Bar

    So what kind of mobs can you guys take down solo? I'm a meta dexxer and I think I'm looking to start getting some slayer armor. Granted, I don't have any now, and I don't sport invuln suits yet. I feel like the bigger game is where it's at and I just want to know how you all fair vs. bigger...
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    Spell book from an Ettin

    Just got one but am a dexxer. What they go for?
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    Quitting UO?

    Why everyone gotta give this guy so much guff? He is only operatin like every charitable organization in the states.