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Nov 26, 2017
Mar 7, 2013
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Nov 26, 2017
    1. dandsce
      Hey man ... Can you help me out about the build arch/provo? I saw some posts where you offer help. Im with 78 provo but dont know and dont have the power to train it to 100. Could you help me? Also, I dont know how to pm. :( //in game cuziones. My build will be: Archer100 anat100 tacts100 healing (will be 60) magery (60) resist (60) music 100 provo 120. Or 100 with slayer but dont have them.
    2. hooch
      Hey, I'm just getting back into the game after over 10 years. You guys still looking for people?
    3. MoveUp
      Hiya, could you help a new player with arch/provo char gold farming spots? I have no knowledge what dungeons have what mobs or where i should head with my bard :(
    4. Salmon
      Hi, Snickle. Just saw your post about recruiting for PSP. I would like to join, just came back (2 days ago) after 10+ long years away from UO. Grinding my Arch/Mage/Prov after following your template here (Provo, Music, Archery, Tactics, Magery, Meditation, Resist Spells and Hiding). Is PSP still recruiting? Thanks!

      [EDIT] My char's name is BSalmon
    5. poned198914
      Recruiting for pvp?
    6. Matox
      I would also love to join your guild, I just lost my young status and I'm pretty lost.
    7. Melmoth
      Hey, I'd love to join your guild! My character is Melmoth. I can meet you wherever/whenever. I'm in eastern time zone
    8. Ledz Epplin
      Ledz Epplin
      Long time UO player, looking for a guild. Would like to join but your boy White Shadow left a shitty taste in my mouth. I understand pk'ing, but doing it when someone asks about joining the guild is another thing.
      1. Snickle
        Haha sorry dude he;s been playing uo for like a week. But he's with us so he knows his shit. Just lookinn to get his feet wet. Hit me up
        Dec 14, 2014
    9. Psyc420
      Is THC still recruiting?
      1. 1 person likes this.
      2. Snickle
        Yes! We can meet you wherever
        Dec 8, 2014
    10. DEads448
      You still have the Blacksmith SS's?
    11. Ambose Guis
      Ambose Guis
      hey whats up
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    F1: Heal | F2: GHeal | F3: Cure | F4: Arch Cure
    1: Clumsy | 2: Mag. Arrow | 3: Harm | 4: Fireball | 5: Lightning
    Q: Explode | W: E-Bolt | E: Poison | R: MindBlast | T: Flamestrike
    A: Trg Grey | S: Trgt Friendly | D: Trgt Murder | F: Trgt innocent humanoid | G: Provocation
    Z: Equip | X: Bandages | C: Last Object | V: Resynch Client

    ALT+1: Para | ALT+2: Dispel Field | ALT+3: Dispel | ALT+4: Reveal

    ALT+Q: StoneWall, ALT+W: FireWall, ALT+E: Pois field, ALT+R: Para Field, ALT+T: Energy Field

    Mouse Up: Target Self
    Mouse Down: Last Target
    Mouse Button: Drink Cure Pot
    ALT+Mouse Button: Drink Heal Pot
    ALT+Mouse Up: Drink Refresh Pot
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