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Mar 6, 2017
Mar 7, 2013
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Mar 6, 2017
    1. hooch
      Hey, I'm just getting back into the game after over 10 years. You guys still looking for people?
    2. MoveUp
      Hiya, could you help a new player with arch/provo char gold farming spots? I have no knowledge what dungeons have what mobs or where i should head with my bard :(
    3. Salmon
      Hi, Snickle. Just saw your post about recruiting for PSP. I would like to join, just came back (2 days ago) after 10+ long years away from UO. Grinding my Arch/Mage/Prov after following your template here (Provo, Music, Archery, Tactics, Magery, Meditation, Resist Spells and Hiding). Is PSP still recruiting? Thanks!

      [EDIT] My char's name is BSalmon
    4. poned198914
      Recruiting for pvp?
    5. Matox
      I would also love to join your guild, I just lost my young status and I'm pretty lost.
    6. Melmoth
      Hey, I'd love to join your guild! My character is Melmoth. I can meet you wherever/whenever. I'm in eastern time zone
    7. Ledz Epplin
      Ledz Epplin
      Long time UO player, looking for a guild. Would like to join but your boy White Shadow left a shitty taste in my mouth. I understand pk'ing, but doing it when someone asks about joining the guild is another thing.
      1. Snickle
        Haha sorry dude he;s been playing uo for like a week. But he's with us so he knows his shit. Just lookinn to get his feet wet. Hit me up
        Dec 14, 2014
    8. Psyc420
      Is THC still recruiting?
      1. 1 person likes this.
      2. Snickle
        Yes! We can meet you wherever
        Dec 8, 2014
    9. DEads448
      You still have the Blacksmith SS's?
    10. Ambose Guis
      Ambose Guis
      hey whats up
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    F1: Heal | F2: GHeal | F3: Cure | F4: Arch Cure
    1: Clumsy | 2: Mag. Arrow | 3: Harm | 4: Fireball | 5: Lightning
    Q: Explode | W: E-Bolt | E: Poison | R: MindBlast | T: Flamestrike
    A: Trg Grey | S: Trgt Friendly | D: Trgt Murder | F: Trgt innocent humanoid | G: Provocation
    Z: Equip | X: Bandages | C: Last Object | V: Resynch Client

    ALT+1: Para | ALT+2: Dispel Field | ALT+3: Dispel | ALT+4: Reveal

    ALT+Q: StoneWall, ALT+W: FireWall, ALT+E: Pois field, ALT+R: Para Field, ALT+T: Energy Field

    Mouse Up: Target Self
    Mouse Down: Last Target
    Mouse Button: Drink Cure Pot
    ALT+Mouse Button: Drink Heal Pot
    ALT+Mouse Up: Drink Refresh Pot
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