1. S

    Small BS BOD mismatch

    I received a small BOD requesting a dull copper bascinet, however it shows an image of a Norse Helm and doesn't accept the dull copper bascinet. Is anyone aware of mismatched items in the BOD system?
  2. B

    WTS British Shield, Full Bloody Plate Suit, 120 PS's!!!

    WTS: British Shield ( Blessed ) - Offer Full Bloody Plate Suit(Blessed 40 AR) - 2.2m 120 Tailoring PS - 200k 120 Inscription PS -400k 120 Blacksmith PS - 400k Blaze Bandana ( Blessed ) - 1m PM Me On Disc0rd! blood eclipse#1310
  3. Nokturne

    WTS +15 Ancient Smithy Hammer

    600/600. 300k obo
  4. Nokturne

    WTS Assorted BODS, Low to Mid range mostly.

    ===================== Verite Small-- Ringmail Leggings x20 Platemail Gorget x15 ===================== Agapite Small-- Platemail Gorget x20 ===================== Gold Small-- Chainmail Tunic x20 Ringmail Sleeves x10 Ringmail Leggings x10 Chainmail Leggings x10 Platemail Gorget x10...
  5. silent

    WTS BODS - Lots

    Way to many to list. I have created a video of me flipping pages of my semi organized books.. feel free to pause it to get a good view of pages.. Add silent#2959 as a friend on discord.. or join my channel temporarily to discuss! https:// im unable to join UOF discord, sorry...