- Classic Housing upgrade, Talisman Dye, and Crafting Achievement Fixes.. & More


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Container Engraving Tool
  • This will allow you to add label messages to your containers in your house.
  • It can be refilled with gold wax
  • This will be available soon at the gold sink vendor.
Previous Aesthetic Relics were unable to be applied, and now should be fixed.

Fixed the Clilocs for Bascinet and Norse Helm on the crafting menu.

Empowerer should now cap at 5k charges.

Classic Housing has been upgraded to using the same housing system as custom housing.
  • This will add additional secures and lockdowns, and change the way they're calculated.
  • The old system was removed.
  • Temporarily disabled being able to convert classic houses to custom houses.
Fixed Locke Cole's staying invisible permanently if it was using the abilities during a world save.

Added Overstock Relic which has which NPCs will offer to sell you every 1 mill spent at a vendor.

Added the Art of the Deal dealer somewhere in Britain more details will be released later.

Added Valentines Gifting
  • Items can be gifted to other players for a limited time by visiting Cupid on Britain's bank.
Fixed a bug preventing the discord bot from linking.

All Archery Relics, All Rogue Relics, Art of the Deal, Overstock, and all aesthetic relics can no longer be used in relic fragments.

Transmutation Cube now uses 8 crumbling relics to create a flawed.

Reduced the cost of Art of the Deal and Overstock to 200k per crumbling relic.

Increased odds of getting crumbling relics from MOTW and Graveyards significantly

Added a notification that will appear for the next month stating that the recipe for transmutation cube was changed as a warning.

Crafting Achievements
  • Removed wooden shield requirement
  • Added craftable pouches, bags and backpacks.
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