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WTS Amazing Brit House Grave Yard Max Storage

Discussion in 'Housing' started by king akeem, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. king akeem

    king akeem Active Member

    Jul 4, 2019
    king akeem
    Current offer is 4 mil for the plot.

    Please feel free to make an offer.
    how to change a salvage title

    This house is just north of the grave yard in between the mine and the grave yard.
    Right now it is one of the hottest motm spawn spots on the server. What do you think a relic producing spot like this is worth?

    My name is KING AKEEM #6288 on http://discord.uoforever.com feel free to make me an offer.

    If you don't like custom housing the plot can be deeded and a tower will go in its place.
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