Ansem's MegaFisher Macro v2.5 (For hunting serps/getting MIBS)


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I spent a lot of time developing a set of fishing macros so I thought I'd share as well.

Few things to note:
  • You'll need archery, a boat, and preferably healing skill (although you could modify it for greater heals).
  • This goes without saying but make sure you have the bow equipped before starting the macro
  • This macro set hits 4 corners from one position, so you need to stand in the middle of the boat
  • The macro will eat any of the prized fish that you pull up, and it only stops for bottles. Any maps or nets that get pulled up are ignored, and the macro continues on. (Easily changeable)
  • I don't have it set to auto attack, the sea serpent should attack you and then you'll auto defend.
  • It's set to run a cleanup macro once the weight hits 355, you can adjust this if need be
  • Don't change the names of the files unless you also edit the macros, as the different macros reference each other.
  • When your ready, run the 'Fishing1' macro, this is the starting position. It essentially works by targeting one tile until its empty, then chains through the other macros until you exhaust an area, and then it moves forward to the next location. If you hit the defined weight limit, it calls a cleanup macro which will cut up all the fish and then drop it on the ground. After that it resumes.
  • The drop on ground part is a little buggy, sometimes it doesnt work. I've tried numerous times to fix it and am at a loss as to how to.

HI, nice description! Where can I download or have access to these macro files? I only see the description text of what you wrote.