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Cannons seem as unused

Discussion in 'Ultima Online Forever: Naval Combat' started by cuneyt, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. cuneyt

    cuneyt Neophyte

    Aug 31, 2015
    Buzz Aldrin, Raistlin Majere, Ruenir Starfall
    Hi, I bought a new ship and will sail to the sea for hunting. However my cannons seems buggy. Does anybody else came accross with the same situation??

    Also, how can I get into the ship? I am really a newbie in this area.

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  2. Wyntr

    Wyntr Master

    Dec 8, 2015
    You need to update the game files via the UOF Launcher. Close out all instances of UO and make sure tree hack is disabled. Then go to Updates and update the game files.

    As far as boarding a ship there are a couple ways. Once placed in the water you can double click the tillerman and then click embark in the provided gump. Or standing close enough to the ship, you can say "embark" to board the ship. It is the same to get off the ship except by using disembark.

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