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Epic IDOC Guide: How to get into scene

Discussion in 'Guides' started by drinn, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. drinn

    drinn Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2014
    Thormod Thrand
    Epic IDOC Guide: How to get into scene


    Here comes the epic guide to how to get into the IDOC scene from an oldschool IDOCer.

    Remember that in case you want to succeed at this, you will need a great group of PvPers and people, who will do all the work behind.

    At this guide I will get you into the most simple mechanics for example how to set up timers and what you should be looking for.

    Personally I have not been doing many IDOCs lately, but I believe the system has not changed much. Just that gold sink vendor the latest addition, whom you give random amounts of money to get random IDOC location. Problem is that it can be an empty and small plot.

    Typical IDOC knowledge

    1. Like New
    2. Slightly Worn
    3. Somewhat Worn
    4. Fairly Worn
    5. Greatly Worn
    6. In Danger Of Collapsing

    Fairly worn stage is, where you begin timing.

    4. Fairly Worn (6 days)
    5. Greatly Worn (6 days)
    6. In Danger Of Collapsing (6 hours)


    Setuping characters

    If you want to do IDOCs only, the best character setup is to build a Stealth Mage.

    In addition to Stealing & Snooping. These skills are used for interrupting other players for example stealing Recall / Gate reagents, or if someone else got the loot you wanted. That way you can get it back.

    IDOC char skills:

    Evaluating Intelligence


    The only macro you will ever need is the house sign clicker, which is pretty simple. This is UOSteam script.

    if @findtype 0xbd2 'any' 'ground'
      clickobject 'found'
      waitforjournal 'fairly' 1000 'system'
      if @injournal 'fairly' 'system'
      sysmsg 'Found a FAIRLY WORN!'
      pause 500
      // Ignore this sign so it does not repeat until next login
      ignoreobject 'found'
    Please note that you can edit parts "fairly" to something you would like. For example "in danger of".

    Below is even more advanced sign clicker.

    createlist 'signtypes'
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbd2 // default
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbc2 // diamond
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbcc // torch
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbc8 // smith hammer
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbb6 // anchor
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbb8 // horse shoes
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbd4 // orange slash
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbc4 // grapes wine
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xba4 // bread
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbc6 // mortar pestle
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xba6 // scissors
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbaa // scroll
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbac // ankh
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbae // crystal ball
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbb0 // saw
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbb4 // candle
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbba // redwhite striped
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbbc // lute
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbbe // arrow
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbc0 // sword shield
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbca // paints
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbce // crossbow
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbd0 // dark orange
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbd6 // horizontal orange
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbdc // checkered
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbde // green white 1
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbe0 // green white 2
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbe2 // green white 3
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbe4 // grn white red
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbe6 // green purple slash
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbe8 // purple blue 1
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbea // purple blue 2
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbec // purple blue 3
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbee // black blue quadrant
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbf0 // blue red slash
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xc0c // gold coins
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbf2 // blue white 1
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbf4 // blue white 2
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbf6 // blue white 3
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbf8 // blue white 4
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbfa // purple red 1
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbfc // red black 1
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbfe // red black 2
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xc00 // red black 3
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xc02 // purp orange blue 1
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xc04 // red blue 1
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xc06 // red blue 2
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xc08 // red blue 3
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xc0a // gold cross
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xc0e // janus
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbb2 // sextant
    pushlist 'signtypes' 0xbda // 2 triangles black/orange
    while hits > 0
      for 0 to 'signtypes'
      if findtype signtypes[] 'any' 'ground' 1 8
      clickobject 'found'
      pause 500
      if injournal 'fairly' 'system'
      messagebox 'fairly Worn' 'Fairly Worn'
      playsound 'alarm.wav'
      playsound 1636
      pause 2000
      playsound 755
      pause 2000
      playsound 755
      if injournal 'greatly' 'system'
      messagebox 'GREATLY WORN' 'GREATLY WORN!'
      playsound 'alarm.wav'
      playsound 1636
      pause 2000
      playsound 755
      pause 2000
      playsound 755
      if injournal 'collapsing.' 'system'
      messagebox 'IDOC' 'IDOC!!!'
      playsound 'alarm.wav'
      playsound 1636
      pause 2000
      playsound 755
      pause 2000
      playsound 755
      pause 5
      pause 1

    Map tactics (the Most Important thing)

    First of all, group up and divide the world map to different sections. The world can be ran with a few people, or even alone pretty quickly, if you just got the motivation to do it.

    For example 3 people are needed to run the whole map in one day. Select what day you want to run the map and who runs what section. Note that you only need to run the map ONCE per week!

    Below the most simple map tactic that everyone uses, but its made for more team members than just 1-3.

    You will need runes to each section.


    NOTE that you are first place looking for Fairly worns. Mark every Fairly you will ever find. You can mark Greatly worns and IDOCs too, if you want, but do not pay that much of attention to them, because they will be random timers anyway.

    You can think the map this way as well:


    How to Handle runes & runebooks

    Very typical setup for runes and runebooks are fhe following system:

    1 or more Fairly Books
    1 or more Greatly books (where you know date, when the house is going to collapse)
    1 or more IDOC books (where you have exact timers when they will drop)

    Of course in case of how many you have found.

    When you find Fairly worn

    Mark it like FW 1 7/10 (Fairly number date)

    When you notice Fairly has turned Greatly

    Change the rune name to GW 1 13/10. You will know, which day to set up timers. Move the rune to GW book.

    When you know timer, place it to IDOC books

    Make sure you take a backup your books before you share them with anyone else. The scene can be greedy and untrustful at its best.

    If you have a team

    Drop the books to your team house, when you have marked and done backup for them. Then other team members can find them.

    Backup is, because there are always untrustful members in your team and due to them the IDOC teams might or will collapse too.

    Setting up a Timer

    Timer is your alternative character, which only should need Hiding skill only something like 50% minimum. When you know the date, you have to put your computer online 24/7 during that day and get alt online clicking the sign of the house you know that it is going to drop that day. Remember that you can have 3 timers per player. Same as the account amount. There are players like Lamb of God, who pretend to have whole family playing this game with him... So don't wonder why same players have power to place so many plots.

    When your screen notices it has changed from GW to IDOC, the macro takes a snapshot to your folder. From there you will find, when it has
    snapped the screenshot and then calculate the exact timer of the house drop.

    Make sure you place clicker as far away hiding from the house as its possible with your settings.

    BE AWARE! Also that there are other guilds doing the same thing, but revealing your clickers and killing them, which is resetting your hard work.

    There you will have solution below.

    Advanced Timer

    The solution to the issue of regular Timer char is setting up Alt char that has Hiding skill with Magery in order to make Recalling work easily without interrupts.

    Problem with this is that it will need hundreds of Recall reagents, but if the loot is all worth of it its gonna be good for you.

    Basically the idea is to recall to the GW spot, hide, check the sign, then recall back to your home. And repeat that all over again. No-one will probably notice that you are recalling there and timing it at the same time.

    Every 5 minutes recall will cost you 3,7k for all day recalling, if I even calculated it right.

    The macro I made doesn't even work, but if you are a good coder you will get it work.

    Algorithm is shown at this link: http://antti.paasivaara.fi/UO/macros/Recall_Timer_Script.txt or as code below.

    Recall timer script
    The idea is to make a Recall timer script for IDOCs since basic timers get dead pretty often by other guilds killing
    them even, if hidden due to Tracking skill and Reveal spell.
    So idling at GW for one day is pretty pointless as timer can get confused pretty easily.
    Setting up a Recall & Sign clicker macro is my answer to it.
    How it should work:
    1) You set up your runebook and rune, where you want your timer spend all day recalling.
    2) When you recall to spot you get hidden immediately.
    3) It clicks the sign after each recall (except when you recall Home) and takes a snapshot, if any changes.
    4) It recalls every x amount you wish to make it happen. Let's say every 30 minutes.
    5) For that amount of Recalls per day you will need specific amount of reagents.
    Reagents cost
    Black pearl    5gp per
    Bloodmoss    5gp per
    Mandrake    3gp per
    Specific amounts of Reagents needed
    1 minute in UOSteam is 60000. Minus every save time (about ~25 seconds).
    Every 1 hour
    Reagent amount        24 * 1 = 24 each Recall reagents
    UOSteam milliseconds    3600000
    Total cost        312 gp
    IDOC window        1h
    Every 30 min
    Reagent amount        24 * 2 = 48 each Recall reagents
    UOSteam milliseconds    1800000
    Total cost        624 gp
    IDOC window        30 min
    Every 20 min
    Reagent amount        24 * 3 = 72 each Recall reagents
    UOSteam milliseconds    1200000
    Total cost        936 gp
    IDOC window        20 min
    Every 15 min
    Reagent amount        24 * 4 = 96 each Recall reagents
    UOSteam milliseconds    900000
    Total cost        1248 gp
    IDOC window        15 min
    Every 10 min
    Reagent amount        24 * 6 = 120 each Recall reagents
    UOSteam milliseconds    600000
    Total cost        1874 gp
    IDOC window        10 min
    Every 5 min
    Reagent amount        24 * 12 = 288 each Recall reagents
    UOSteam milliseconds    300000
    Total cost        3744 gp
    IDOC window        5 min
    The script
    // Recalls to Targeted Location
    useobject 0x40e8612a
    waitforgump 0x554b87f3 15000
    replygump 0x554b87f3 5
    // Goes hidden
    pause 2500
    useskill 'Hiding'
    pause 7500
    // Sign clicker
    if @findtype 0xbd2 'any' 'ground'
      clickobject 'found'
      waitforjournal 'idoc' 1000 'system'
      if @injournal 'idoc' 'system'
        sysmsg 'Found IDOC!!!!'
        pause 500
    pause 5000
    // Recalls to Home or Safe Place
    useobject 0x4038856b
    waitforgump 0x554b87f3 15000
    replygump 0x554b87f3 59
    // Goes hidden
    useskill 'Hiding'
    // Wait 5min then recall back
    pause 300000

    Looting certaing items - Using Scavenger

    If you just want to loot certain items from the IDOC (you know the price of them etc...), use the Scavenger found from the UOSteam client. Add it to the list and, stay near the item at IDOC and it will loot to you automatically in case, if others have not added it to their lists too.

    Having a proper team

    The importance to have a proper team in IDOCing is very high, because you will get a lot of gold and there will be other teams fighting for the same loot.

    You will need to have your own guards aka PvP team to secure the hard work you have done. Sometimes you can be lucky though other teams not finding that IDOC.

    Have fun and enjoy your loot!
    - Thormod Thrand
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  2. drinn

    drinn Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2014
    Thormod Thrand
    EDIT: Placed a new map tactic for smaller teams.
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    Oct 17, 2013
    ONLY THE DOPEST IDOC GUIDE EVER +10000000000000000

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