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GUIDE: Taming 0-110 (now with science!)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Bajorn, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Bajorn

    Bajorn Apprentice

    Nov 16, 2015
    Sorien Al'therim
    Bajorn Al'therim
    50-100: 53Hours 15minutes.
    Average of 6.8minute between gains until 100.

    100-110: 17 Hours 20min
    Average of 10 minutes between gains from 100-110

    Taming things between 10-30 points above minimum required skill.

    **********The Long Version*************

    I set out to record the total time it takes to reach GrandMaster Elder Taming as well as include time between points (.1) or as I call it mpp (minutes per point). My methodology was 4 fold: Name of Creature; Fail or Success; Timestamp of gain; and whether it was an initial tame or re-tame. (I blew though about 50 post-its).

    I followed guides posted by: Dwayne Wade, DaTamer, Lollo, Bromista and the WIKI (WIKI was pretty horrible) .
    Dwayne Wade: http://www.uoforum.com/threads/my-contribution-to-training-taming.48800/
    DaTamer: http://www.uoforum.com/threads/datamers-animal-taming-guide.43492/
    Lollo: http://www.uoforum.com/threads/updated-taming-guide.61182/#post-422561
    Bromista: http://www.uoforum.com/threads/bromistas-comprehensive-taming-guide-posting-it-publicly-now.64688/

    My Recommended Taming Guide: (Nothing new here just observations based on the data)
    Tame everything between 10-30point above the minimum skill required to tame it. 20 points above the minimum is the sweet spot for gains.

    50-60 8 Hours 45 min (5.2 minutes between gains)
    (Location - Overworld)
    Tame everything, This should come pretty quick. At 55 Bears (not Grizzlies) should be your staple.
    50 Tameables
    23.1 Timber Wolves, Hinds
    35.1 Black Bears, Polar Bear, Walrus
    41.1 Brown Bears, Cougar

    60-70 9 Hours 30 min (5.8 minutes between gains)
    (Locations: Shame Levels 1&2, Minoc and Moonglow moongates)
    Really Scorpions (47.1) in Shame are by far the best option.
    60 Tameables
    47.1 Scorpion, Alligator

    70-80 11 Hours 30 min (7.1 minutes between gains)
    (Locations: Shame Levels 1&2, Minoc and Moonglow moongates)
    At 70 you can begin on Great Harts and Grizzlies (59.1) Scorpions are better but it’s an option during prime time
    70 Tameables
    59.1 Grizzly Bear, Great Hart, Snake

    80-90 10 Hours 15 min (6.2 minutes between gains)
    (Locations: Delucia Passage Level 2, Vesper South Road, Minoc/Moonglow Gates)
    Small Hellcats(71.1) in the Delucia Passage are the new Scorpion. There is an area with 8 plus another with 3 more north of the Daemon. They will GM you.
    80 Tameables
    71.1 Small Hellcats, Bulls

    90-100 12 Hours 30 min (7.6 minutes between gains)
    (Locations: Delucia Passage Level 2, Fire Level 1)
    Small Hellcats will GM you however at 95 you can reliably add Lava Lizards into the mix.
    90 Tameables
    80.7 Lava Lizards
    83.1 Imp/Dire Wolf
    85.5 Hell Hound
    89.1 Large Hell Cat

    100-110 17 Hours 20min (10.5 minutes between gains)
    (Locations: Delucia Passage Level 2, Fire Level 1 & 2)
    Small Hellcats and World taming become obsolete at 105. Lava Lizards are your bread and butter until about 107 and they fall way off. Hell Hounds and Hell Cats in Fire are the only viable option. Lava Lizards will take you to 110 but its going to be very quick taming.
    100 Tameables
    80.7 Lava Lizards
    83.1 Imp/Dire Wolf
    85.5 Hell Hounds
    89.1 Large Hell Cats

    110-120 Magic 8-Ball says... Gains will suck.
    (Locations: Fire Level 1 &2)
    Fire is your playground, Hell hounds and Hell Cats
    1 full point (1.0) will take 2+hours. SS at 230ish a pop look very tempting at this point.

    Build of Tamer:
    100 Music Essential
    100 Peacemaking Essential for Dungeon Taming
    100 Provoke Utility skill to kite pets to surrounding spawn to kill off.
    100 Magery Utility skill to Recall/Heal/PK defense (GM not essential during grind)
    100 Meditation Helps to keep Mana topped off
    100 Hiding I wound up dropping it at 90 taming so I could control tames better
    Animal Lore Picked up at 90 taming to send tames to surrounding mobs to kill off, works better then provoke IMO.
    Animal Vet Will drop Peace for Vet at 100 Taming
    Taming What it’s all about.

    30 of Each Reagent
    1 Bard Instrument
    Food (usually just ate what dropped)
    **I banked at either 8-10 reagent left or if I hit 2000 gold.**
    **Travel light and death should be irrelevant.**

    From 19 November- 2 December
    It took me 53 hours and 15 minute of active taming to go from 50-100. At an average of 6.8 minutes between gains, the data agrees with the general consensus of 1 full point per hour in dungeons and about .8 point per hour in world taming. From real skill 63.7-100 I recorded every point gained; time between gains, and whether it was a taming failure or success.

    14 Days: Average of 3 hours 45min per day
    Shortest time between gains: 0min (Few of these)
    Longest time between gains: 42min (92.2 off a Bull 2nd Tame (Failure))

    50-60 averages 5.2 minutes between gains
    60-70 averages 5.8 minutes between gains
    70-80 averages 7.1 minutes between gains (Due to gains primarily coming from world taming)
    80-90 averages 6.2 minutes between gains
    90-100 averages 7.6 minutes between gains.

    I was PKed 12 times: If PKed my timer would stop until I began to actively tame again. (All said I lost about 2 hours to restocking from pks)

    Least favorite PK: The Glorious Lord Robin Hood. I accidentally healed the Lava Lizard I was taming instead of myself and went grey. Robin Hood came over saw what happened stopped his mob farm, killed me, looted me, and when back to farming.

    Favorite PK: Mr. Satan. Killed me 3 times. Never saw him coming: ran on screen throwing explosions at me, ran off screen throwing explosions at me. Never looted me, just freaking rocked me, and was gone. Sucked but absolutely hilarious to watch for the 3 seconds it took.


    And just for kick here a link to my Excel Spread Sheet for those bored enough to comb through the data. Tabs along the bottom. (it's raw data so there may be typos/errors)

    Because I can
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  2. hApPyNoOb

    hApPyNoOb Grandmaster

    Nov 11, 2015
    Very nice guide, thanks a lot.
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  3. Young Star

    Young Star Grandmaster

    Jul 6, 2015
    Bryden Rivers, YoungStar, Young Star, Tom Sevenstreams
    I found if you get the one LL spot in Del pass that is isolated from the rest of the spawn you can be taming one pretty close to continuously. There is a small gap between killing the one you just tamed and the new one spawning. I found better gains with those a little earlier where most people were still doing hell kittens.

    For your data was that all with real taming skill or the added functional taming skill?
  4. Bajorn

    Bajorn Apprentice

    Nov 16, 2015
    Sorien Al'therim
    Bajorn Al'therim
    Everything was real skill. I tend to ignore the shown skill for all intents and purposes.

    And yeah I know the LL your talking about. Its a pretty sweet spot - that everyone seems to knows about it. It was always camped during my play sessions so it drove me to focus on the cats.

    In the 90's not having that spot made me recall around a bit more - so arguably it could have been more efficient had it been available.
  5. darthdeus

    darthdeus Journeyman

    Nov 6, 2015
    Haskell Curry, Nufik
    Thank you for posting this. I've done 50-100 some time two weeks ago and took me about 7 days of very hardcore taming. I was tempted to take a more scientific approach like you did, but it just drived me so nuts that I scratched the idea.

    Here's a few points and questions though
    • I can somewhat confirm the total time of ~50 hours. I was taming about 8-10 hours per day, sometimes more.
    • How regularly did you eat? I was trying to keep myself "full" at all times, and also regularly drinking from the fountain. I'm not sure if this had any effect on the gains.
    • Taming at 90+ became insane pain for me, and I estimate I've spent maybe twice as much time in the 92 - 100 zone than in the 80 - 92. This would be mostly because the overland spawns would get too easy and get tamed almost immediately.
    • When talking about overland spawns, how did you search for these? Did you have regular places you went back to? Did you kill them after taming? Being in Europe, the time when I play played a lot against me. There were times when all of Dagger Isle, and most of the overland spawns I knew of were tamed by me, so I had to spend quite a bit of time killing things off.
    • How much time would you say you spent running around vs the actual taming?
    One last recommendation I'd say is to get a Nightmare as soon as you can, bond it, and camp that lizard spawn in del. It gets very boring and tedious, but it's very easy to farm there with a nightmare, and can be done almost "AFK" once you get used to it. I don't mean doing it AFK, but rather it getting so repetitive that you don't have to focus on running around, and just keep doing the same thing over and over again.

    Also I'd love to see you continue this with 100+, or even just your thoughts on doing 100+. I'm currently somewhat stuck at 103.7, with just a few gains over the past few days. I haven't been taming as consistently as before, but it feels that the gains are A LOT slower at 100+.

    Also one final thought, it might be worth getting fencing/swords before you start with taming, and use that to kill of overland spawns. It'll be much easier than magery, and getting GM fencing/swords takes only about 1-2 hours.
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  6. Bajorn

    Bajorn Apprentice

    Nov 16, 2015
    Sorien Al'therim
    Bajorn Al'therim
    I honestly tried to stay full on food - but only if the creatures I was taming dropped it. Never went out of my way for food.
    For Overland specifically I would tame everything around Moonglow gate - The retames are great. And then run from Minoc to Yew gate and tame bears/grizzlies/harts. I hated Dagger Island for the same reasons you did. I've always avoided that place even back in the day.

    I disciplined myself to either tame or play - no casual taming here. So running around was minimal - you can find Great Harts and Grizzlies everywhere - which could take you well into 90's - and from 80 on I would argue you really should be in dungeons.

    The nightmare is great advice - But with 0 Lore it's more of hassle when training. Now that I'll be taming post GM I'll go that route. Another plus to small hell cats over the lizards if you are killing your tames with magery - they have about half as many hit-point and don't hurt at all.

    Any yeah a melee skill would really help to kill retames. In all honesty the character that is now my tamer was a provo/fencer then became a provo/mage and finally provo/tamer. - the Fencer was fun but nothing beat the farming power of a provotamer.
  7. Hunter-

    Hunter- Grandmaster

    Feb 26, 2015
    iam train my tamer 2.5 days 50-90
  8. WeisNix

    WeisNix Apprentice

    Oct 24, 2015
    Hi guys,

    i have an question about this. My wife an I try also to get an Tamer and play most time together...but we have never such these gains. Sometimes I gain better, sometimes my wife. For expample - yesterday we tamed together 3 hours and she gain 0.9 from 92.1 to 93 and i gain 0.8 from 93,1 - 93,9. (We got 0,2 gain on Hellhounds an 0.7 on we called Iceisland) Have anybody an Idea for this? It´s the same IP an Problem or ist this nornally?

    a Tamer :D
  9. Bajorn

    Bajorn Apprentice

    Nov 16, 2015
    Sorien Al'therim
    Bajorn Al'therim
    Its normal WeisNix. Within the algorithm there is some randomness. So long as you are taming things that you have a chance of failure on you will get gains. The general thought is tame things about 10-20 point above the minimum skill required to tame.
  10. Riah

    Riah Apprentice

    Sep 15, 2015
    The question is... if two accounts on the same IP train taming do they gain slower or does´nt it affect the skill gain?
  11. Bajorn

    Bajorn Apprentice

    Nov 16, 2015
    Sorien Al'therim
    Bajorn Al'therim
    Yeah no effect per IP - the gain is unique to character not IP. Sorry misunderstood.
  12. Memphist

    Memphist Grandmaster

    Nov 29, 2013
    @WeisNix i think you and your wife are doing something wrong. 0.9 gains in 3 hours are to less. The first think is you have to check all the time if you are full otherwise eat something ( check this often its based on your skillgain). The second one is you should try to tame in dungeons there is a better taminggain and you should also tame the best animal/monster for your current skill. Go with your wife to the delucia passage and tame small hellcats (if you tame at the same time, tame pretamed pets from your wife).
  13. Bajorn

    Bajorn Apprentice

    Nov 16, 2015
    Sorien Al'therim
    Bajorn Al'therim
    Updated guide out through 110 taming. Will update the spreadsheets later tonight or tomorrow AM for those interested.

    I have a 115 scroll to eat but will stop for now until I gain enough cash for a Meta. More science to come!
  14. Ripstas

    Ripstas Master

    Dec 19, 2013
  15. Fean

    Fean Apprentice

    Dec 14, 2015
    Hi I'm looking for some taming advice. I'm at 107 taming. It seems like it's more efficient to use SS than keep on taming. Should I drop peacemaking for provoke and go farming? thanks

    This is my build now
    110 lore, 107 taming, 90 Vet, 95 Magery, GM med, music, peace,
  16. Bajorn

    Bajorn Apprentice

    Nov 16, 2015
    Sorien Al'therim
    Bajorn Al'therim
    107 for me was the big wall. I grinded it out simply for the guide and will all the way to 120 eventually. But yeah at 107 you can control a dragon and ww well enough to make 70-90k an hour (plus lucky drops - I've got 3 taming ss drops in the past 3 days)
    So bang for your buck buying scroll is close to an even trade off.

    You're looking at 1.5 hours per point. For location - Fire level 2 is really the best choice - there is a spot kind of south east that spawns hounds and cats together that is very nice. Use your mare to kill the spawns. Hythloth could also be nice.

    I would suggest sticking to hounds and large cats here on out.
  17. Birdy

    Birdy Expert

    Oct 10, 2013
    best stats for tamer? str, int, dex?
  18. Bajorn

    Bajorn Apprentice

    Nov 16, 2015
    Sorien Al'therim
    Bajorn Al'therim
    I'd go with 100 str 100 int 25 dex.
  19. RaZzi

    RaZzi Neophyte

    Jan 28, 2013
    News flash: There seems to be a "Time lock" in taming. I stopped actively training taming once i hit 97.1. After that I've raised it by taming great harts and grizzlies at mg moongate. If I log in and tame about 5-10 animals I get 0.3 taming. After that it stops raising for about an hour even if I tame. Best way to avoid fatique is to tame few creatures to get the 0.3 gains and then do something else for an hour and do it again.

    Tested it by taming 30 Great harts/Grizzly bears -> 1. gain with 98 skill.

    So tame few, get gains, do something else for a while, come back to tame, get gains, do something else.
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  20. [Legato]

    [Legato] Master

    Jun 11, 2013
    do people stop at 100 taming for farming? whats the point in going to 110 or 120?

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