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Discussion in 'Player Events' started by zorgulg, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. zorgulg

    zorgulg Well-Known Member

    Sorry to anyone who may have clomp'd a Shadow Clan orc without a gift. We are out giving them out as well, so occasionally you may catch a giftless orc that has already given their present away while we were at that location. It's not a prefect system but we are certainly making sure we all have gifts on us when we initially embark to a new location while out spreading the K'iggmas Dedee.
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  2. Sir.

    Sir. Well-Known Member

    Some of our Knights got some presents at a big skirmish tonight! Many thanks, Shadowclan!

    These guys are doin one heck of a job and awesome service to the community here! They even tracked me down to make sure one of our knights who didn't loot their gift box came back to get it! Hahaha great stuff!
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  3. Nart

    Nart Active Member

    Elves will be jealous ;)
  4. Zog'orium

    Zog'orium Well-Known Member

    Da pointee eer'd smellee elves nub ned invit. Cum dyn fer klomp tu HOOWAH!
  5. Grish'nak

    Grish'nak Well-Known Member

    [More prizes coming. More valuable as we get closer to Xmas - 500k plus to be given away on 23rd!]

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  6. zorgulg

    zorgulg Well-Known Member


    We sincerely apologize if anyone received an empty box. We have discovered at an unfortunate time that the checks need to be double bagged to fall to the ground when you die. There's no real way to give checks to those that missed out so they will be re-bagged correctly and given back out. There will still be some empty boxes given out, please consider them a gag gift like the carrots (at least were not handing out trapped boxes). We decided it was a better route to go than breaking all the boxes and re-boxing at this point. To make up for our mistake we will be increasing some of the prize amounts tomorrow as well. So sincerest apologies to the few that were effected by this mistake.

    This mistake does not effect those that were given a box directly or had one left on a corpse. It only effected those those that klomp'd us to get them.
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  7. Zog'orium

    Zog'orium Well-Known Member

    HAR! sneekee orcs...tyght wit da shinniez!
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  8. Sir.

    Sir. Well-Known Member

    Hahaha as honorable as they are green ;) I can vouche that twice now that Shadowclan has contacted me to make sure rewards were given to knights who killed them!
  9. zorgulg

    zorgulg Well-Known Member

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  10. zorgulg

    zorgulg Well-Known Member

    the SANTA CLOMPS gift giving will Continue!!
    We packed up a few more gifts than we were able to give away in 5 days so Santa Clomps gets to keep on keeping on Klomp'n dat K'iggmas Dedee. We're going to try and keep it up until and during Christmas day. So, lat beddur keep peek'n out!


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  11. zorgulg

    zorgulg Well-Known Member

    The event went great. HOOWAH!! to everyone here on UOF that "participated". We probably didn't get to our stated goal of give aways but we got close and gave out some nice items as well as carrots, coal, corpses and a few empty boxes.

    I hope that those non rp''ers that decided to participate and possibly claimed a gift or two still come visit the valley in the future to just look for a little different kind of fun.

    Meree K'iggmas and high holidays to all of UOF!!


    from the Shadow Clan Orcs
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