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Meta Mage Guide (A to Z)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Mert Dedeji, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Mert Dedeji

    Mert Dedeji Master

    Jun 23, 2016
    Hail mages,

    I assume you went to Valor and became the Meta Mage already.

    1.You are level 1 mage and want to level. First thing you gonna do is buying SLAYER SPELLBOOKS. Since we are able to put relics at 1,4,7,10th levels, we start with Shadow Disciple. (This is a must because S.D gives some of your mana back which is very important )

    I started the game after 2 years break. So when i started, my meta mage was already level 5. So i don't remember what i killed in first levels. But simply, we need high hp, low resisting skill mobs, which is Ogres i guess.
    So what you want to do is just killing Ogres, maybe drakes, dragons bla bla bla. What you will do is just Corp-Por and run away, Corp-Por and run away. Ogres are all over the map, you will find tons of them. Destard in quite hours(to avoid noob pks) is gonna give you extreme hp.

    2.Once you reached level 4, i was told to put Focus Relic but i highly recommend you to put Vivify Relic. Focus is a relic that when it procs, it gives extra damage. But how much? I'm a max out meta mage. I can cast 10 E-Bolt with my full mana. Lets say i do 100 damage with my 1 e-bolt. If Focus procs, i hit 150. That's all. So with my full mana, i will give 1000 damage. If focus procs, i'll give 1050 damage. Yeah, sad but true. 1000 dmg vs 1050 dmg. Is this relic worth being the 2nd one to be used? Definitely not.

    But once you put the Vivify as 2nd relic, you can easily macro that and get the relic level 10(it'not allowed to macro unattended). So keep an eye on your char. Vivify macro is ez. Just summon water elementals, and then release them. Why water eles? Because deamons will appear with different names. But water ele is standart. So releasing a standart name is easier. Just summon Water eles, release and meditate. That's all.

    To make it level 10, you need to proc it around 12.000 times. Since you will not able to proc it every time, you need around 20.000-25.000 Water ele scrolls. Find a 120 inscript friend and give him 1M. That's 50 gp per. ( This is what i did)

    As a result, to make the Vivify level 10, you need like 200-250 hours. But what i advise you guys is stopping at level 8.

    Because to train your meta, you will use your Vivify as a tank. You will be still training your vivify while you are traning your meta.

    What can a level 8 Vivify tank? Almost everything. It will tank every mob very decently except tier 6 mobs such as Ancient Wyrms, Balrons.. Actually, it will tank but you will not be enough strong to kill it fast. Level 8 Vivify can tank AW, Balrons like 6-10 seconds.

    I advise you to work on Dragons. Definitely! Let me tell you the spots:

    -Dragon Island ( Random Dragons, Young Dragons, Drakes )
    -Covetus 4 ( 3 drakes, 1 dragon, 1 shadow )
    -Destard ( many of all kinds of dragons )
    -Booty Island ( 1 dragon, 1 drake )
    -Wind ( 1 draogn, 1 drake )

    Destard is always dangerous. So train in quite hours. Covetus 4 is almost safe but sometimes noob pks come there to grief ( such as Mi-Ja ). The rest is almost safe all the time.

    3.Ok, you used vivify as tank and finally got level 7. You have the 3rd relic available. Use Dispersion or Focus. Doesn't matter that much. It's up to you but to be honest, it really doesn't matter that much. I would pick Focus now. Now you are level 7 and your e-bolts are a threat now. So add Wyrms to your training list.

    Wyrm Spots:

    -Wind ( 2 Ancient Wyrms )
    -Marble Island ( 1 Shadow or Ancient, random )
    -Ankh ( 1 Ancient Shadow, 1 Ancient, 1 shadow ) Go these spots when you feel self-confident at PvMing.
    - xxx passage ( 1 Shadow Wyrm ) forgot the name of passage : )

    4.Now you are level 10 and you put the last relic. The rest is just training the relics.

    Relic Training:

    Shadow: Was always with you. Must be already very high.
    Vivify: We already leveled it to 10.
    Dispersion and Focus: Just go to Vesper Graveyard and hit the rotting corpse behind the fences.

    But are you damn impatient like me? So buy 1000 minutes Tali Relic Perk and go to W of Ankh Dungeon.


    Train on this guy. Tali Relic Perk is amazing. It triples the xp. Rotting gives you the highest possible which is 3. Perk triples that. So with 1 magic arrow, you get 9 dispersion. Damn crazy. Since it's that amazing, you don't wanna leave it to macro, just do it yourself.

    Relic Level Steps

    Increases 250 every level. Ends at 2500 at 10th level
    Dispersion-Shadow-Focus: Increases 400 every level. Ends at 3600 at 10th level

    What can a Max out Meta Mage do?

    *The Highest Damage I've seen on an e-bolt: 209 on a terathan drone. ( Without focus )
    *The E-bolts required to kill AW, Balrons: 6-8 ( with slayer )
    *Level 10 Shadow Disicple gives half of your mana back, sometimes maybe more. Which means you can throw 15 e-bolts if Shadow doesn't proc withing the first 4 e-bolts.

    *Without Slayer, you are still very strong. Slayers give like %30-50 damage.
    * You can solo Ancient Wyrm Paragon and Balron Paragons. My level 10 Vivify has never been dispeled. (Balron did it just a few times i guess)
    *1 e-bolt with full dispersion at champ gives you around 1.5K score
    *Gets you top 5 at Arch and Lich Khan behind Humane Society, Ramses, etc : )

    That's all folks. I hope it helps some of you.

    PS: Talisman XP perk is so useless. Do not even try to buy it.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
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  2. AreYouKidden

    AreYouKidden Grandmaster

    Mar 28, 2017
    Avalon Alduin, Achilles Alduin, Adams Alduin, Axgalor Alduin, Whisky Walt, Luke Thighwalker, AreYouKidden, Rusty Cleaver, The Mad Hatter
    This is a great guide, however as someone who recently hit level 10 and am still leveling my relics - here's a couple of things I'd suggest about relic orders:

    1) Relic Order is something of contention - it's great to put Shadowy in first, it's also the most expensive one, double to triple the cost of others.. It is definitely the best one to place, but considering costs - don't be too concerned if you have to go with Vivify first due to the costs.

    2) I would absolutely go with Focus last - for the reasons you said, a level 10 Focus gives 50% more damage once every 40 seconds. It's the most worthless relic I've seen. Dispersion on the other hand with a recent buff, will do 100% more damage, at level 1, if there are no other mobs there, it procs the damage twice on the same mob, if there are other mobs there, it'll split it to one more mob. At level 10 it can hit 9 other mobs for 900% more damage albeit spread out amongst 9 other mobs.. great for champs.

    3) Vivify is super handy for tanking, and I fully agree with putting it as number 2 or 1 if you can't afford the Shadowy first.. However consider that Shadowy, Dispersion and Focus all level up while attacking mobs, and Vivify levels up independently by summoning. The sooner you get the other 3 relics in, the higher level they will be when you hit level 10 on your tali - and you can always macro summons after. I hit level 10 on my tali, and put focus in last.. it's level 1.. Honestly though it only gives 5 extra damage at level 1, it's worthless.

    Otherwise this is a great guide, and I'm glad you called out what you can do with a meta mage - I have much love for them, rolling top scores on champs, farming AW Paragons, Balron Paragons - because you can employ kiting and put out high damage, you can solo all tier 6 mobs as long as you have some room to move... They are great!
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  3. Anjin

    Anjin Master

    Apr 25, 2016
    Shamus McGinty
    Is lightning striking ogres to gain like 9-10 points really still the best way to level this from the start?
  4. Mert Dedeji

    Mert Dedeji Master

    Jun 23, 2016
    i would prefer e-bolt
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  5. Anjin

    Anjin Master

    Apr 25, 2016
    Shamus McGinty
    Do you all use scrolls or just cast to get your demons?
  6. AreYouKidden

    AreYouKidden Grandmaster

    Mar 28, 2017
    Avalon Alduin, Achilles Alduin, Adams Alduin, Axgalor Alduin, Whisky Walt, Luke Thighwalker, AreYouKidden, Rusty Cleaver, The Mad Hatter
    I cast with reagents for my daemons, I don't fizzle that often, sometimes you go on a bad streak of 5-6 fizzles in a row, while frustrating, it's not that often!
  7. Biff

    Biff Novice

    Aug 24, 2018
    Being a mage, does this help defending against pkers? What skills would a meta mage lack when defending against pvp attacks? Could someone post a standard meta mage template.
  8. andrewlcaudill23

    andrewlcaudill23 Expert

    Aug 22, 2017
    Little late for answers probably, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Currently I run mage/med/eval/resist/wrestling/spirit speak/alchemy and its okay I guess. Its especially good when doing champs or whatever with guildies, but the lack of armor while gaining experience really makes it hard to fend off any pk attacks unless they are mage. That's about as pvp as you could make a meta mage build though imo, although you might be better off to just go with healing because you wont be going on the offensive much anyway, and it will help you save mana. (Drop wrestling and alchemy and pick up anat/heal)

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